Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cult Nails has Captivated My Attention

Good Morning almost afternoon!! I woke up with a killer headache today that I assume came from my neck and sleeping wrong. It is not cool. I was up late last night doing a 4th of July mani for my mom! She NEVER paints her nails despite having claws that grow and are strong. Why I didn't get her nail genes I do not know but it has been asked a lot over the years. I will have pictures of that for you all tomorrow. :)

Today I have one of the A Day at the Races polishes by Cult Nails.

Captivated is a coral jelly like polish jam packed with tons and tons of gold and coral glitter. This baby sparkles like crazy. Right now Cult Nails is having a special on their polishes for the 4th of July. They are $7.40 until the 4th. Unfortuantely both Captivated and Crusin' Nude have sold out though.

I used 3 coats for this mani. I could have used two but wanted to see if it built up darker.

There was no sun when I wore this polish, of course, but it might be ok because I think in the sunlight this polish might have been blindingly awesome. Literally. It was insanely sparkly in overcast and indoor lighting.

This polish almost glows it is so cool.

I won't even tell you what the bf had to say about this but lets just leave it as he is not a fan of pinkish colors! I really love the glow and the sparkle but I myself lean away from pinky type colors. This one being a coral looks somewhat orange and somewhat pink depending. It is really pretty and I would be oh so in love if it was a green or a blue.

Look at the sparkle though, how can you not love that much sparkle.

The polish was pretty thick though. I didn't use thinner but definelty will have to next time. The bottle didn't seem as full as the other Cult Nails polishes I received in the same order but after one use it seemed like I used a ton. I might just be werid but looking at the bottle pic that seems like a lot of polish to be used for one mani.

Overall the thickness can be fixed with some thinner which would probably make application as smooth as the other Cult Nails polishes I love. I am not sure if the coral color will grow on me or not but my goodness the sparkly factor is what I love about this polish. They will have a new collection out in August and I CAN NOT WAIT to see what colors that one brings.

That's all for now :)


  1. Such a great polish! I sometimes find ones like this with a lot of bling in them thicken up faster than other finishes--I can only assume it's because there's less liquid to go around what with the glitter taking up space in the bottle.

  2. So pretty and of course I forgot about the sale;) Don't know why I never wear red on my tips only on my toes (nails of course;)

  3. Hi Karen! It is a really nice polish. You are right it makes total sense that there is less liquid with all that glitter. I guess I will give it some thinner to help it swim more freely lol.

    Silke I rarely wear red on my tips either lol actually I don't wear it much on my toes coem to think of it. This color might be a great pedi color though. My new thing is to try and forget about the sales so I can save money lol!


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