Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where's the Party At?

Unfortunately we missed the party this weekend. I had made a pie for it and everything! Sorry guys, I know I have been MIA for a few days. It's been a rough weekend with lots of chaos. My son to be typical and wait for the very last minute to figure that his little report was actually a project. We were up until 2am Thurs night doing the project without a printer because it ran out of ink. He came home Friday to tell me his project was given back to him and he was told to turn it in on Tuesday. I wanted to strangle the child. Friday was an insanely busy day at work because the warehouse guy was out and I was doing his job plus mine. I got to leave a little early but was exhausted. Between all of that and the dogs that constantly wake me up at 1-2 am for absolutely no reason other than she doesn't want to be downstairs alone I slept REALLY late Saturday. It was great! I think for the most part it cured the exhaustion. My son had a stomach bug part of the weekend and the other part was spent cleaning and yesterday I finally got to relax a bit before fighting with this child to do a better job on his project. There are only eight days left of school. THANK GOODNESS!

I have a ton of stuff to do before I feel as though my stash is organized. I need to update my spreadsheet and put away some polishes I have out, swatch on my nail wheels or swatchsicles and figure out if I like my helmer organized by brand or not. It would also help to get another helmer but I don't know that it will be doable in the near future. I have two more polishes left in the Box O Fun and I saved a couple holos for last. Hopefully it will cooperate and be sunny.

Now that all the updating is out of the way I have today's mani Essence Where's the Party At? This little baby is awesome. The picture of the bottle is not great, sorry about the darkness, but it shows what she can do.

Where's the Party At? is a grey purple that flashes green and teal. It is pretty visible in the bottle but very hard to capture on camera. I noticed it isn't as visible on the nail but it can be seen when your hands are moving around.

Mostly the polish looks like the above picture. It is a purple, silver, grey color that ranges from dark inside to light and silvery outside. I used two coats and they do look brush strokey.

This is in the car in light.

Now when you tilt your hand a certain way the green comes out. It looks grey green and I kept trying to catch it.

The flashes came out mostly on my drive home. It was taunting me actually because when I was stopped at a red light I wouldn't get to see it or the picture wouldn't come out but every time I stepped on the gas the polish was flashing like crazy.

I was trying a polish remover pen which is why there is a grand canyon between my polish and cuticles. I just wanted to show the silvery look.

And a picture of the pie I made for Memorial Day. The boys were very happy that we ended up not going to the BBQ because they got to eat more pie. The bf said it tasted like a giant cookie and my son the anti-pie boy asked that he have this pie EVERY YEAR instead of birthday cake. He also said this morning that he was very disappointed that there was no pie left because he wanted it for breakfast.

That's all for now :)


  1. 1. I'm glad you're back.
    2. How's my Bruce buddy?
    3. What kind of pie?
    4. There are boys who don't like pie?

  2. 1. Thanks :)
    2. Bruce is being quite the fiesty little boy lately. We can't leave him in his "house" too long without access to the litter box because I think that was causing him issues. I also am afraid to leave him out too long because he gets into EVERYTHING and I don't want him eating power cords or anything crazy.
    3. It is called a Derby Pie, my mom has had the recipe for years, no clue where she got it though. It is insanely easy and oh so yummy.
    4. My boy does NOT like pie. Any pie. Wants nothing to do with pie. I am not sure he is mine lol.


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