Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Car Gave Me a Gift (complete with pictures)

****Another post that was resurrected from Internet oblivion. Sorry if something was duplicated but this post was supposed to be posted last Thursday****

I have lots of pictures for you in this post. I figured I would do a fun post with some random stuff. I was out and about the past two days and came across a few new displays I wanted to share. First I was at two different Walgreens and saw this HUGE display at both.

It is a bunch of Sinful Colors neon colors. The center section has some bottles for nail art. If I wasn't on a no buy right now (thank you kitty) I might have picked up that purple and a nail art polish but I didn't.

I saw this display with Revlon mini sets. The blue in the set on the right is called Waterfall and I LOVE it. It looks suspiciously similar to Blue Lagoon which they have a full size in another display. Sorry I don't have a picture of that one but I will see if I can try and get them side by side at some point. The Walgreens near my house is very hit or miss.

This baby I had to search for and I found it at a spanish pharmacy. Looking at the picture I totally want to rearrange the display so the colors are in the right places. I didn't pick any up but a couple intrigue me and I hope Walgreens gets them and has a sale. Are you listening Walgreens?? I have a BUNCH of change in the bottom of my purse I can use :)

Now here is where the title of this post comes into play. I was looking for a flash drive in this compartment of my car that I normally don't go into. I usually keep a brush in there but I needed the flash drive so I actually dug through it. I found a zip lock baggie with a BUNCH of change in it in there too. I am really good at throwing change in my purse and by the time I get around to emptying it out there is usually about 20 bucks in there. I only empty it out when my purse starts getting heavy lol. One time I threw it all in the zip lock baggie and apparently it is still in there lol. ALSO in there was this OPI polish. As you can see there is something gross on the label but I was super excited to find it.

I have no idea when it was left in there or that I even had this polish. It was kind of exciting to find though, too bad it wasn't a super hard to find polish lol. So I was happy because my car, Alberto Ruiz, gave me a gift yesterday. It brightened my day! And YES my car has a name, actually a first and last name. He wasn't named for anyone and I don't even know an Alberto much less one with the last name Ruiz but when I saw my car that is the name that came to me.

Say hello to my little friend!

Little Bruce Kittlee was helping me go through my BOX O GOODIES last night. I totally said BOX O GOODIES in a deep announcer voice in my head when I wrote that. He was quite interested in all the foreign goodies.

And here he is picking one out for me. I think he liked the Catherine Arleys the best.

That's all for now :)


  1. Ooooh do you still have the kitten, really!? Awww its so cute!!!

  2. That cat makes my brains leak out my ears.

  3. Lol yes he is still among us! He is too cute (and too expensive)to give up now so I guess we have a new kitten lol.

    Denise you and me both! He learned to go up and down the stairs last night. Who needs a tv when you have the Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior show.

  4. haha!!! That is so awesome! If you just couldn't stand to give him to anyone, then it was meant to be... lucky kitty, he'll be super spoiled as animals should be! :D That makes me happy!

  5. Yes I believe it was meant to be. That was also apparent when the greyhound we were wanting to adopt found a great home. (we also found out he was NOT cat safe) He is already spoiled as can be! We were thinking of changing his name to Stitch though because that little boy is into EVERYTHING and knocking things over and stuff lol. You will see lots of pictures of him he is so cute I can't help it lol


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