Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Green Holo Awesomeness

  There are two things about living in Florida that I hate, the heat (the basketball team included) and the sun! I know, I am in the wrong state lol. I really love gloomy rainy days and I like cool to cold weather. I was born and raised here though and aside from about a year in North Carolina and a year in Michigan I have lived in avoidance of sun and heat my entire life! I don't tan, I BURN and so I just like to avoid the sun altogether. The only thing that makes me want to play in the sun is my newly acquired holo polishes!!! These pretties rock in the sun and I am loving them. Now, if we could get rid of the heat I think I would be a happy Floridian :)

Today I had on Catherine Arley #803 or baby poop green as the bf called it. I LOVE the color so he can just hush. Unfortunately it didn't last the whole day :(  I had some major chipping and my whole index finger peeled off. It wasn't the polish's fault though, I believe it was using Instant Artificials as my base coat. Not cool!

803 is the only green one and is the one on the left in this picture. I love shades like this!

I didn't want to show my naked index finger because it would have ruined the picture lol. This is taken inside with flash.

Another flash picture taken at my desk. Pretty rainbows.

In the sun! I am still trying to figure out how to get the holo on camera as well as it shows in real life.

More sun shots. I used three coats for these pictures. It covered find in two but I wasn't digging the visible nail line so I added a third. I like it with three.

In the shade of the car the polish shows a little holo but not too much. LOVE the color!

More sun (yup Florida for ya) love it!

I love these polishes and was so excited to get them. I have been contemplating ordering more but have held off so far because I am trying to stick to a low buy. The application is great though and I love the holo!

I would still have this on had it not been for the chipping. It didn't stain my nails either which is great since they are stained enough as it is lol.

That's all for now :)


  1. That is really pretty. I am laughing because I too, hate sun and heat.

  2. Thanks :) lol yes I seriously contemplated living in Alaska for the first 19 years of my life till I lived in MI for a year. To think Alaska is much colder. I changed my mind quickly.


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