Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mermaid Tears

I am going to break the posting schedule of polishes from the Box O Goodies today. As I had posted previously we were having quite a time with Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior and his emergency vet visit and procedures and such. Luckily he is doing well now though I did have a scare with him yesterday. I thought the problem might be back as he was acting a little off during the first half of the day. That was the start to a stressful day lol. He was yelling from his litter box and had quite an attitude and when I monitored him his urinating wasn't normal again. After watching him for the rest of the day and evening I believe it might have just been him being a cranky cat and showing off his attitude. We are switching him from all dry cat food to mostly wet cat food to see if that helps since I read somewhere dry cat food can cause problems. ANYWAY, sorry I got sidetracked a bit.

So when I was going through the initial chaos with taking him to the emergency vet and his own vet I got tons of support from the girls over on the nail board. I can not thank them enough and I really love the people and how awesome everyone is over there. I had ordered the OPI Pirates Collection Skull and Glossbones, Silver Shatter and Planks A Lot before the kitty issue but was not able to get Mermaid Tears and Stranger Tides because they were out of stock. After the bills for the cat I wasn't going to be able to get those two for awhile and basically am on a no buy until things settle down. I was so touched when one of the girls over there offered to RAOK (Random Act of Kindness which is basically gifting you something) me Mermaid Tears and Stranger Tides. She has several rescue dogs and kitties herself and knows the expense when something unexpected happens. I was so moved and so grateful and she actually made me cry quite a bit when I read her email. I know nail polish is not a major thing when it comes down to it but the kindness and generosity that she showed me was amazing. The world should be more like that and less out for themselves and out to gain all the time. I have thanked her profusely and still do not feel as if it is enough. The gesture meant so much to me and I will always think of her and that generosity when I wear these two colors. I can't wait to pass it on and have an opportunity to spread the same kindness and generosity.

My hand is oddly pink in this picture but it was taken at night. Mermaid Tears is on the left and Stranger Tides is on the right.

My mom took me out Saturday for girls day and we got manicures and pedicures. This is one of the few times you will ever see my nails all the same length and shape. I have no skill with the file lol. Since I had them in my purse I chose Mermaid Tears for my mani. I absolutely LOVE this color.

Since I didn't actually apply the polish I can't say how well it did lol. I can say though that the nail board and the wealth of knowledge they have given me has dampened my mani experience lol. I spent the entire time analyzing what the man was doing and thinking in my head that is not the way the nail board recommends. The guy I got looked like he was about 16 years old and when I looked at his license picture he looked like he was about 10 in the picture.

The base coat he used was in an OPI bottle but I have never seen it before. I didn't get to read the label but the color was a clear orangey brown color. Not sure what it was. I almost kicked him when he started cutting my cuticles too. lol. I was watching him like a hawk. I only let him proceed because he was cutting the horrible area at the corners where the skin gets so crazy hard. I guess my cuticles are ok through because that is the only area he attacked and only on a few nails. I was pretty proud of that lol.

He did base coat, two coats of polish and then top coat. There were a couple nails he left slightly streaky. I messed up one nail a little bit getting into the pedi chair because he didn't put me under the light after the top coat. It oddly enough smoothed itself out mostly. So he didn't use a UV light or top coat that would need it and he didn't wrap the tips at all. I was pretty certain that this mani wasn't going to last very long.

The pedi was highly enjoyable and I LOVED the hand massage. OH MY was that nice! I hate dealing with my feet so I was happy to not pay attention to what he did there other than my big toes. I had a major issue with ingrown nails years ago and the corners are very sensitive still. He did cause some discomfort when dealing with the big toes but that is inevitable. I think I like this pedicure idea though! I also enjoy getting my nails shaped but the over all mani was a little less relaxing because I was watching everything so closely lol.

Mermaid Tears is a gorgeous color though. I love it! Sure enough though my mani chipped Sunday. The first chip was totally my fault and I should know better than to use my nail to mess with my teeth. The other chips were totally uncalled for though. One came when I was trying to catch the cat. We were cleaning my nail polish area and organizing and I had the cat's house in the hallway. WELL when I put him in his house to eat he took the opportunity to run out and frolic in my brother's room. Catching him was not easy and apparently enough trauma to cause a chip in the polish. From there it all went down hill. By evening time I had a very chipped mani and was not happy with that. So much for the wear test I was doing lol.

Here is the little bugger practicing his stealth ninja moves.

That's all for now :)


  1. *snort* Doogie Howser, MD*

    *Manicurist Dude

  2. Love the story of your mani (I've never had a pro do mine) and Mr. Kitty continues to be super cute!

  3. @ Denise LMAO you know my mind is boggled down with so much other stuff right now that it took a couple minutes for me to get that. When I did I literally laughed out loud. Luckily no one noticed I am crazy.

    @Karen Thanks he is quite the little brat now lol :) You really never had a pro mani? Before I experienced the nail board I would have said it is a must but now I think it is more stressful than anything lol. One of my nails already tore a little too. Darn him and his non glass file lol.


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