Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Are You a Rebel?

Hey Guys! It's been a stressful day and I am really not in the best of moods so this one probably won't be too wordy. After a wonderful dentist appointment that informed me that the only thing to do for the tooth pain is a deep cleaning (nothing wrong with the teeth which is good but the gums are not happy) and I need a root canal (a tooth that isn't even bothering me and I didn't even know anything was wrong with) and cavities fixed (old fillings gone soft caused issues apparently). A gazillion dollars later (thanks to no dental insurance) and pain that won't addressed until Monday (I can take Aleeve but they said not to use Ambesol or orajel or anything) I am one not so happy camper. I never really hated going to the dentist until today lol.

This mani was worn over the weekend and I got a bunch of compliments on it.

I used Essence You're a Gold Mine and P2 Rebel for a tape mani.

I love P2 and this color is actually prettier than the pictures show. I can't remember but I think I used three coats. As I recall I had Bruce jumping all over me while I was trying to paint them and I messed up so had to use three coats to even it out.

You can see on my ring finger what happens when you do a tape mani on nails that aren't quite dry yet. I actually didn't mind the wrinkly polish look but I also didn't have time to fix it lol.

Excuse the weird bump I have on my thumb. I don't know what it is but I can't get it to leave. I wanted to show what the polish would look like with You're a Gold Mine over it completely. It is really pretty and glittery looking without being glittery.

This is the mani I had on when I went to the salon Saturday. The girl getting her nails done at the station yesterday told the man she wanted the color I had on that it was so pretty. He didn't recognize the color and asked me if it was one of their colors. I told him it was a foreign brand called P2 and that I had done it myself. The girl was NOT pleased by this lol. He said he had something similar and showed her OPI Russian Navy and she was not impressed and rejected it. The girl at the vet's office also loved this mani and was amazed that I did it. I of course had to tell her how to do a tape mani lol.

My pinky was not cooperating last week.

This is Rebel alone so we can see a nice shot of the color.

That's all for now :)

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