Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Miracle Heaven

Today I have for you wonderful people Catrice Miracle Heaven. It was another polish from the box o goodies and I have been wanting to see this one on my nails since I laid eyes on it. I LOVE this color. My favorite color is blue and this is BLUE! It reminds me of shiny spandex like superheros wear. Maybe Superman or Wonder Woman type stuff. I LUFF it!

Miracle Heaven is on the right in the picture above. Can I just say I LOVE the cap! So cute! I would have bought all the colors in this collection just because I liked the bottle. Thank goodness they are not readily available to me lol. It is from the Enter Wonderland collection and I just realized I totally didn't get the butterfly in the picture. duh. These bottles are a little smaller than a regular Catrice as you can see. I didn't actually look at the size difference but I will check it out later.

It is really pretty! I used three coats because I messed up a couple of nails and needed to fix some spots. I probably should stop doing my nails with rescue kitty running all over the bed and bouncing here and there.

These were taken in indirect lighting in my car. The sunlight washed out the color and made it totally color inaccurate. It is a smidge darker than it appears especially now in my office lighting.

I actually found the first coat to be pretty uneven and streaky. Two coats would have evened it out had I been paying more attention to the polish than the adorable cat.

It is a little streaky but that could be because of my application. I was wondering what happened this morning when I noticed tipwear but I think I just solved that mystery. I have always heard about SV causing shrinkage and by George I believe I have my first experience. I did this before bed so there is no other reason I would have tip wear. DUH I forgot to wrap my tips.

Can you tell I love this color? That is my hand next to my car! Yup, my car is very similar to this color. The car is actually a bit lighter than the polish. I also have a cool pair of Kangaroo Sneakers that are this color AND I had bought a pair of colored contacts that were this color. (the contacts didn't last long since they weren't prescribed and I bought them online and they were totally uncomfortable) I have had my hair blue but haven't managed to get this specific color yet. lol

That's all for now :)


  1. Love that blue! It looks awesome on you.

  2. Hey Wonderwomaaan;)what a coincidence that it almost matched with your car, love the color on you:)

  3. Thanks ladies! It is one of my favorite shades of blue thought it was so funny that it matched the car lol.

  4. Very nice blue! But what's the Catrice on the left? I might need that one, too. :)

  5. Thanks Karen :) The blue one on the left is Pool Party at Night. The picture isn't color accurate for that one it is darker in real life. Really pretty color. The pictures of it on are much more color accurate. You can see them here Catrice is quickly becoming one of my favorites and I might need to move to Europe just to have easier access to them lol


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