Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are mothers. If you aren't a mother Happy Sunday to you :) Sorry about the little break in blogging but it has been a crazy, stressful hectic past few days. Thursday night rescue kitty started screaming and acting funny and we had to take him to the Emergency Vet Clinic around 11:30pm. In short he has an infection and could not urinate. I had to take him back to his vet Friday morning and they had to do another procedure on him so that he could urinate. It was quite a costly and stressful couple of days but I am happy to say that rescue kitty is doing very well.

This weekend is another super crazy one. Yesterday I volunteered at the kennel and then my brother took me to see Thor. I was totally not interested in seeing that movie but it actually wasn't awful. It was a pretty good movie and we all enjoyed it. Now I am waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean. This morning I was up at the kennel at 6am until my son came back from his dad's house. Don't have too much planned for the rest of the day  but there is yummy Haagen Dazs cake involved.

Posting will be back on schedule for tomorrow. Sorry about the missing posts.

That's all for now :)


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you:) OMG rescue/terror kitty looks amazing!!! Just keep him.

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you too!! We are keeping him just don't tell my mom :)


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