Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cupcake Nail Polish Remover YUM!

Today I have an extra post because I am totally loving this product. I guess it will be a little product review in a way. My wonderful friend gave me this when I was one of her bridesmaids. At first I thought it was going to be one of those little cutesy novelty products that don't work but you wish they did but after using this baby I LUFF it! I have an email out to the company that makes it to see where we can buy this stuff. There is a UK website on the back (there is also a US one but it is pretty useless which is why I emailed them) which appears to take orders and the company is called Natural Products Ltd. She said she bought it at Hot Topic so I am going to have to check there next time I am in the mall.

It is a cute little container of acetone and alcohol free nail polish remover pads AND they smell like vanilla. Cute right? I keep this little container in my purse. The lid screws on and I have had it in there for a few weeks now and haven't had any issues with leaking which is one of the things I was afraid of initially.

It says 30 pads on the lid but I didn't count them lol. They are really thin and I probably should have taken a picture of them but didn't. They are super saturated so if you squeeze it you will have some liquid dripping/running all over the place. They are awesome because I can take my polish off at work and the evil witch does not know the difference because there is no harsh smell. I just did it and no one noticed at all. I would say you have to rub a bit more than with acetone but I have had some non acetone removers that worked worse than these do. I also notice that with Seche Vite as my top coat I even have to rub a bit more with acetone. That stuff is like a impenetrable force field!

I had two freaking chips on my thumbs and my darn index finger polish came completely off so I decided before I mutilated my nails by peeling off the remaining polish I would just remove it and post about it lol. What I had on was the Green Catherine Arley Holo # 803. I was a little worried about ending up with green fingers but I didn't! I used four little pads to take off 9 fingers of GREEN holo polish and my toes which had Coat Azure on them. The only negative I find in this product is it leaves your fingers GREASY!!

I took these pictures to show the after. On one hand I actually don't mind the greasiness because to me it means it is less drying than acetone and might actually be beneficial to my nails. This is not proven but it works in my mind lol. The greasiness does go away but if you touch anything soon after use you are going to get it everywhere.

I took a picture of this hand a few minutes after the other to show the difference. I just looked at my toes and you can't see the greasiness at all anymore. It isn't a big enough drawback for me to not use the product. I think the lack of offending odor far outshines the greasiness. I tried finding it on HotTopic's website but it wasn't listed. I did find it from a random seller on Amazon for $2.99 each. I am waiting for some more information from the company.

That's all for now :)

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