Monday, May 2, 2011

Disney + Holo = Pure AWESOME

 What a MANIC MONDAY!!! Thankfully it is almost over and I can hope for a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!! The weekend Disney trip was awesome! I love Disney! The kids had a great time and the bf (who had never been to Disney despite living an hour and a half away for most of his life) had a great time too. Kitty was locked in the bathroom at the pet friendly hotel with his house and food and water and litter box for the day and didn't
quite enjoy it but he loved the rest of the trip. I have lots of pictures for this post. I have to apologize for the lack of posting over the weekend. I scheduled a post for Saturday but for some reason 50% of the posts I schedule don't end up posting. I have no idea why.

I am not sure who was more excited at this point. It was probably me! I love driving up and seeing that sign!

The castle of course!  

Since I knew it was going to be a sunny day I chose a Catherine Arley polish from the box o goodies. I picked #667 and intended to do some sort of Mickey design but it didn't quite work out the way I wanted.

I used three rhinestones and arranged them to look like a Mickey head. It isn't really great but it was close enough. I forgot some of the things I needed and after a long drive Friday night I didn't really want to mess with something super intricate.

I took a bunch of pictures throughout Disney while I was in various lines but couldn't really capture the holo that well.

It is much more holo in person. I used two coats. It applied great and the only issue I had with chipping was when my thumb nail broke before we even got to the park. That drove me nuts all day!

In the shade it is much darker. You can still see some holo but I wasn't able to capture it. Every time I started to take pictures the line would move up which was great for us but not so much for the pictures.

I kept looking at my nails and moving my hands around in the sun, I am sure people thought I was odd taking pictures of my nails.

I didn't do much in the cleanup department. It was a long night.

I actually wore this polish until today when it started chipping.

Mickey and Minnie welcome you.

Cute little Donald statue that I made the kids take a picture with.

Last nail pic! Of the 200 pictures I took at Disney the only ones that I was in were the ones I took of my nails. There is something wrong with that. lol.

Little Kitty says goodnight :) I have a potential home for him. I know it is a good thing especially since when we came back from Orlando my one dog whom was being ok with him before we left decided she wanted to eat him. She now snaps and growls at him so she is obviously not cat friendly. I know they would give him a good home but I am sad. It isn't a sure thing yet but I am already attached to him. We will see what happens.

That's all for now :)


  1. Oh I'm jealous I really want to go to Disney someday, doesn't matter which park France, US, Japan it is all good, but think France is the one that might happen someday ;)

    Nice polish en cute mickey, and your cat *melting* sooo sweet.

  2. Oh I hope you get to go to Disney someday! It is awesome, I love Disney I can be a big kid when I am there.

    Thank you! I was hoping the rhinestones sort of looked like Mickey lol. Kitty says thank you :)


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