Monday, May 9, 2011

Do You Have Your Pool Party at Night?

It's already Monday and it feels like I didn't have a moment of rest yet. My son has a cold and was freaking out thinking he has Strep Throat. He will go into a panic thinking he has to get the Strep test swab done every time he feels sick. It's a simple q-tip like thing to the back of the throat but if you talk to him you would think it involves some sort of surgical procedure. He was feeling better yesterday but this morning his throat was bothering him again. I am pretty sure it is post nasal drip related to the cold but the boy isn't so sure. The big news is that for Mother's Day I got a HELMER!! I am so excited and can't wait to put it together and get my polishes in there :) Not only will it be fun but I am pretty sure I have a carpet somewhere under all my stuff and I might actually be able to see it again.

I am definitely ready for a pool party, it is HOT! I was just outside in a black Tshirt in the sun and about died from the heat. The dogs at the kennel had a pool party Saturday. They set out two kiddie pools for the dogs to play in and it was quite a scene. Some of them loved it and some of them hated it but it was fun to watch them splash and try to get tennis balls out of the water. Catrice has their Pool Party at Night!

Pool Party at Night is on the left in the picture above. This picture is totally not color accurate. I didn't notice it before but it is the only picture I have with me right now. The color is actually closer to the pictures below but there seems to be more of a purple leaning in real life. It is not really purple but there is a lean toward it.

This has got to be the most awful mani ever. I totally messed up the clean up on my left hand and it was quite bad. I decided to see what the whole moon thing would look like but didn't get that right either. Since I am at work and don't have the polish with me I just left it as is. Looks crazy, I know. I am not sure if I like it or not but I definitely don't HATE it completely.

So of course on the right hand I totally messed up the middle finger the same way. I tried the same with this finger and it didn't work at all lol. I figured rather than have half my polish off I would use the only polish I have here Sally Hansen Insta Dri Jumpin Jade and a piece of tape. I am ready to take this off NOW!

I used two coats for this mani. Honestly if I was better I could have used one but I made some mistakes that needed touching up. I also put a couple drops of thinner in it because while it wasn't really thick it was not thin enough for my liking. I find it easier to work with thinner polishes right now.

The color is gorgeous though. Inside at my desk I am undecided as to if it is a blurple or plue (lol I meant to write blue but I left it because now I like the word plue).

This was the Mother's Day cake I got for my mommy. Haagan Dazs Belgium Chocolate Chocolate and Midnight Cookies and Cream Cookie Crunch Cake. Can you say chocolate heaven???

That's all for now :)


  1. oh gosh haha i can relate to your son's fear! When i was little my mom used to say i would scream like i was being murdered whenever they tried to give me a strep test, and whenever they got near me i would clench my jaw shut to where they couldn't pry it open. Congrats on the helmer! i'm sure it's super exciting for you to get to organize and prepare a new storage space for all those lovely polishes! :)

  2. lol I don't know what it is about that strep test. He hasn't figured out he can clench his jaw shut yet thank goodness.

    Thanks :) I am sure excited I would have put it together last night if I wasn't so tired. I KNOW there is carpet under there lol My issue now is how to organize it...

  3. I have Pool PArty At Night and it's a really nice color for doing Nail Art, nice blue and creme. I think the mani doesnt look great because that sort of blue and black just don't really bring it up together, maybe with a lighter blue?


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