Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Introducing # 806

Last night my nails revolted. Again. I swear sometimes I wonder about them. They must have meetings while I am sleeping plotting exactly when they will decide to attack. I had a middle finger nail break for no apparent reason and then the index followed suite about an hour after I filed the middle one down. I am catching on to them though. Instead of waiting for the rest or most of the rest to break one by one I just filed them all down. Back to nubs. Luckily they aren't THAT short now but short enough to annoy me. I was very seriously considering getting a mani this weekend since I will be at the salon anyway. Boo for breaking nails because now I can't do that. I find it pointless to pay someone to do a mani on nubs. I can handle shaping nubs. Now I need to figure out how to keep the suckers from breaking. It's a never ending cycle I tell ya!

Today my nubs are sporting another Catherine Arley polish. The orange one which is #806. I wish they would just name these.

#806 is the second one from the left. It is a really pretty orange color that isn't too bright. I like this shade a lot.

This is a sun picture. Of course you can barely see the holo in pictures but it is there in person. It isn't OMG super holo but it does show up. I need a new camera bad!

This is in the shade with flash. I used two coats for this. I would have used three because there is visible nail line but mine aren't long enough for the nail line to really be visible.

At the right angle in the shade or indoors you can see the holo but like I said it isn't really strong.

Much stronger in the bright light. This shade reminds me of Halloween or Fall like colors. This is probably why I like it so much.

For some reason it is also making me hungry. That is probably not due to the nail polish but rather due to it being snack time but who knows. We can blame it on the polish lol.

I am really digging these Catherine Arleys. I actually was checking out swatches of the others and contemplating ordering some more.
That's all for now :)

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