Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Mystic Mermaid is Electric

****OH OH OH It seems this post is back!!! YAY!!!! Keep in mind this was from last Thursday though :) ****

Good Afternoon! It's a cloudy out but I am quite cheery today. There is only one more day in the work week which makes me happy! Saturday I am going to get my hair cut and might end up with a mani/pedi too. My mom wants to do girl's day and we already have our hair appointments when she mentioned something about our nails. We will see. I am still on the fence about letting people mess with my nails. I have watched the girl at the salon I go to and I believe she can be trusted lol. We will see how it goes.

Today I have for you guys two polishes from the Box o goodies. I am almost done with the box so I better start thinking of what I am going to do next. I was thinking untrieds by brand or maybe just go back to random picking. Hmmm.

On the left I show you Essence Mystic Mermaid and on the right is P2 Electric. Mystic Mermaid is a special effects topper and I figured it would be best showcased in a tape mani. Half the nail is just Electric and the other half is topped with Mystic Mermaid.

Mystic Mermaid is silvery with a hint of blue and purple/pink flashing around in there. It is really pretty and I might try it on it's own. Over polish though it is really pretty. Over orange the color seems to go from silvery to slightly more pink when you tilt it a certain way. It is really nice and I want to try it over a nice dark blue or purple next.

Electric is a dark bright orange. For some reason it reminds me of a crayon. It was really easy to work with and I used two coats.

I used one coat of Mystic Mermaid. I used some of the patterned scissors for this design. I originally intended for all my nails to be more like the middle nail. Unfortunately the scissors weren't cutting the strips thin enough (the one I used for the picture was way thicker than I wanted) so I abandoned the idea.

It almost looks gold in this picture. I had to crop my pinky out because it looked like it was ready to jump through the picture at you. I didn't like it.

When my hand was tilted in the sunlight the shimmer looked pinkish. It would have been better had I not noticed this while driving!

That's all for now :)


  1. I really like this manicure! I loved checking out your blog and now Im following it :)

  2. WELCOME! Thanks so much :) I hope you enjoy it :)


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