Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Holo-y One

Wouldn't it figure? I was just talking about how sunny Florida is and today I am wearing my last of the Catherine Arleys (and the most holo of the four) and it is an overcast day with no sun. I thought it was quite fitting that it would turn out that way. Unfortunately that means that these pictures aren't going to do this polish justice. I won't complain too much because I LOVE the overcast gloom, now if only it would rain too :) It is actually a little cooler out today too (by cooler I mean it is in the upper 70s).

Since the pictures of holoy goodness are a bust and I don't have any cute kitty pictures today I am throwing in a couple of bracelets I made last night. I was supposed to be adjusting and redoing a few items that people wanted differently and got a little distracted. I am supposed to be clearing out the jewelry I already have made not adding to the pile. Fortunately I made these two more for me anyway hehe. First we need to check out the polish though.

Catherine Arley #676. Have I mentioned that the lack of name drives me nuts? It is the pale silver one or the one second from the right. This is by far the most holo polish of the four. I can really see the rainbow even sitting at my desk in bad light. It's awesome. If this polish is THIS holo and Gosh and others are way more holo than these I think I need to find me at least one EXTREMELY STRONG holo. Just one, that is all I need lol.

Outside in the overcast it is hard to see. Unfortunately it was too dim for holo and not dim enough for flash. Figures.

In some of the pictures the flash actually went off, this was one. Hard to see it but if you get right up to your screen and squint while standing on one leg you can see it. I swear it is stronger in person!

Yup, not cooperating for the camera. I wonder if my mom's camera would be better. I was considering taking the money I made off the jewelry sold and buying a new one. I think I might if it is enough.

Ahhh a little holo there. That is the one of the bracelets :)

So apparently the holo wanted to come out when I was holding the bracelets. Whatever works!

This is inside at my desk.

I tried to force it to show. It worked a little. Still not as holo as in real life though.

Since you had to sit through weak holo pictures here is some fun bracelet pictures. I love these wrap bracelets. Not only do they look cool but I like to play with them too. I am like 5 sometimes! I have a simple black one that has 3 or 4 wraps and I will take it off and swing it around until it wraps around my arm. Yeah, sometimes I feel bad for having to get on my son about doing stupid things like that especially when I do it lol.

Up close. Hmmm is there a nail polish this color blue?

And the rock one. I forget off hand the name of that stone but I like it!

And the rock one on my pale arm. This one is heavier since they are rocks and not glass beads which means they are even better to swing around lol.
That's all for now :)

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