Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nudity, Bulding, Crafting and a Cat in a Hat

Good early afternoon! I don't have my nails of the day yet because when I took off yesterday's mani I was greeted with a crazy mess. I have some staining but whatever, no biggie. I knew of a few problem areas I am waiting to grow out but today I found PEELIES! What the Heck? I used Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler or whatever it is called on Saturday and yesterday I used Gelous as my basecoats. I have no clue which one caused this but I am not a happy camper. I haven't had peelies in FOREVER!

The index finger was BAD. I can actually feel how thin it is when I type if I hit a key with the topside of my nail around that area (I type weird I guess) I can feel that it is more sensitive than the others. Stupid peelies.

SO I am not sure what is going on or what exactly to do. I have used both products for days straight and never had this problem.

Since I don't have nails for you yet I have other stuff! I was given the Helmer for Mother's Day but had to put it together myself. The bf thinks that because he put in the tracks on one side of the thing he helped but he really didn't. Just sat and watched. Luckily I had an assistant and I am pretty sure I might be related to Bob the builder. Wait, scratch that, I am actually related to Bob the CPA. Never mind.

This is Newey. She is the youngest of our dogs and wanted to be my assistant.

Here we laid out the hardware and she is studying the instructions. She was amused my the little guy on the first page there on the left having to call for help. She was pretty sure we would not be that weird looking guy.

And about half an hour later it was built! It was pretty easy. The first drawer I folded backwards and put the front of the drawer on before I realized this. I was worried it would break when I bent it back the other way but it was fine. I bent another drawer the wrong way but caught it before I put the front and back of it on. I have heard tales of horror when it comes to assembling but it really wasn't too bad. Now filling it, that is a whole other story.

I was adjusting some jewelry last night and while I was sitting there waiting for my mother's instructions I threw this little bracelet together.

I don't wear red too much and I'm not a huge ladybug fan but it came out pretty cute.

And last but not least a very sleepy Cat in a Hat! His doctor visit was pretty basic. The doctor turned him upside down looked at him and said yup he is good. He gets his stitches out and his second dose of worm medicine on Friday.

That's all for now :)


  1. Aw, your furry assistant is so cute! (And the kitty, oh my goodness, I want to reach into the screen and steal him.)

    Peelies suck--I wish I knew why they seem to appear out of nowhere sometimes. I've been having good luck recently with Orly Nail Defense but who knows how long that will last.

  2. They say thank you :) Kitty is quite the character now!

    I am going to see if I have that Orly at home. I might have to try it. I wish there was an easier way to find out what works, what doesn't and what causes problems.


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