Saturday, May 21, 2011

Deep Aqua and Golden Rush

Happy Saturday everyone!!! It has been a great lazy day so far for me! After my son left for his dad's house I vacuumed and swiffered the floor and cleaned up a guitar the boyfriend bought. I am apparently the go to expert in guitar cleaning. This guitar was quite dirty and I even managed to get the frets nice and shiny which thrilled the bf. After he went back to work I took a nice long bath (something I don't get to do often) and I plan on spending some time on the couch with cheesy lifetime movies. The one that just started is already cheesy and it's only in the first five minutes lol. It's one of my occasional guilty pleasures.

I used P2 Crackling Golden Rush over my ARTDECO #236 Deep Aqua mani. Crackle is every where these days. Sally Hansen just released their line of crackles with a gold in it as well.

The color of Deep Aqua looks a lot lighter in these pictures.

I really love the way Golden Rush crackles.

I am not a big gold fan but I do like this polish. I think I like the silver one a wee bit more though.

I liked this picture because it shows the awesome ring!

I think Deep Aqua actually goes great with Golden Rush.

And I leave you with a little picture of Mr. Bruce.

He doesn't like to sit still so my pictures keep turning up blurry. He is still cute even when he is blurry though lol. I hope you all enjoy your Saturday!

That's all for now :)


  1. I love that p2 crackle! It's so...crackly!
    *kisses Bruce*

  2. Thanks girls! It is the most crackly crakle I have I think.

    Becareful Denise Bruce likes to bite noses! He got me really bad yesterday morning. Little bugger snuck up (I was laying down) and went over the top of my head and chomped on my nose.

  3. Great combination! And hello to Bruce. :)

  4. thanks Karen :) Bruce says hello (as he tries to bite your nose) :) I am not sure about this kitten he has a major thing with nose biting.


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