Wednesday, May 25, 2011

As Requested...

Today I have a great mani to show you. Last week I posted about ArtDeco #236 Deep Aqua and showed the picture below where it stands next to Golden Rose Scale Effects #13. I had initially planned on doing another post with these two layered but then thought it would look pretty layered over P2 Jetset. Deep Aqua chipped before I had a chance to layer it so I decided to just use Jetset with it. I went back to the original plan when I had a request for these two to be layered. I am so thrilled that I did because WOW they are gorgeous together.

Golden Rose #13 is on the left and ArtDeco #236 Deep Aqua is on the right.

I used two coats of Deep Aqua and decided I must do an accent nail to show the Golden Rose polish on it's own. I don't know if anyone uses flakies on their own but if there is someone out there that does this will show you what to expect. It looked a little funny not to mention that I can see the yellow stains of my nails so I decided to do a funky french tip with Deep Aqua to tie it together.

I used one coat of the Golden Rose #13 over Deep Aqua and the ring finger is two coats.

The flakies are gorgeous and I really wish I had my mom's camera to get better pictures of this mani. I can not capture all the gorgeous that these flakies show.

I think it would look really cool if I put a matte coat on there too.

These two colors make such a pretty combination and when you look real close and the flakies show their green it looks very sea like.

I love the funky french look and maybe when I get the staining of my nails under control I will try a cool funky french with it.

I must say this mani held up pretty well too. The bf called me mid afternoon because he got a flat and his car doesn't have a jack. I ran out to rescue him and helped change the tire and my mani was in tact afterward. Pretty impressive :)

I had to add this picture in for cuteness. It looks like the little bugger is posing. I am a little worried about him because he seems to be having a little bit of his urination issues again. We called the vet's office today and he wasn't there but the girl said as long as he is urinating he is ok but to call back in the morning to talk to the doctor in case he needs to be seen. Hopefully we can figure out something to stop this from happening. The poor thing made me want to cry last night when he was whimpering and screaming and had the sad look in his eyes. I am going to have to pick a cheery mani for tomorrow to keep me sane. Between the kitten and my son's grades they are going to drive me nuts!

That's all for now :)


  1. The funky French accent nail looks great!

    I love the blurry paws in the kitty pic--hope he's doing better today.

  2. Thanks! I just had to nubbinize which totally blew my next funky french mani lol.

    Yes he was swatting at thing that dangles from my phone lol. It is hard to take a picture with my phone because he is ALWAYS after that stupid thing. He seems to be doing better so far and hopefully he remains that way.


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