Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rebel Spirit, a Comp and a Cat

Hey Everyone! I have a big post for you today to make up for the lack of posting. My darling son finished his project last night at 1 am. I don't know what he ended up getting. The teacher said his speech was a little weak but he thinks he did fairly well. I guess we will see. 

Ok, lets get to the nails. First I have another Color Club polish from the Back to Boho collection. 

Rebel Spirit. This one is a dark brown that looks black a lot of the time. I liked this one but it did tend to look black more often than I would have liked. I used two coats on this one.

You guys, excuse the lack of clean up please. I know, I keep saying I was going to get a new clean up brush and I did. THEN I dropped it in my huge bottle of acetone. I had used it on TWO NAILS and plop down it sunk. I was NOT happy about it at all. I couldn't get it out either. There was a lot of head shaking and there may or may not have been some cursing.

SO once again we have a pretty bad clean up job. 

See it looks black. I tried stamping with Nouveau Vintage over it because we went to the Pet Expo Sunday. That was a major fail! 

You couldn't really tell what the stamping was (they were paw prints) and you could barely see it. The Pet Expo was pretty cool too. We got Bruce a little tag that has his name and phone number on it in case he ever gets out. He keeps running out the front door when we are coming in. He doesn't leave the courtyard area but we are afraid one day he will. I want to get a harness for him since the leash we tried before didn't work. They also had these small possums for adoption. They were a very small species of possum that are rare. They were really cute but, um, they are possums.

Denise mentioned the other day that Color Club Nouveau Vintage looked similar to OPI Warm and Fozzie. I wanted to do a quick comp for you guys. I threw NYC Nail Glossies Cognac Sparkle in there because in the bottle it looked somewhat similar. Once again, my clean up brush was sunken to the bottom of my acetone bottle so clean up wasn't good at all. These pictures REALLY show how bad it was lol Gotta love macro.

Warm and Fozzie is on my pinkie and middle finger and Nouveau Vintage are on my index and ring. They look similar in the bottle but different on the nail.

As you can see Cognac Sparkle is way different. 

And since we went so long with out posting I have some Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior pictures for you. I got him this little sweater at Target in the dollar area. It was actually $2.50 but it was cheap enough that I figured I would give it a try. I had gotten this really cute blue hoodie but it was an xs and WAY too small for him. I have pictures that I will show you tomorrow of that one. We went back and this was the only one we could find in size small and the saying on it was PERFECT. 

He didn't really mind having it on at all. He was actually quite feisty with it on and started playing with Newey. Her fur is growing back now from her shaving. 

It says Naughty but Nice! HA! Too funny and too perfect.

I hadn't taken the tag off yet but I wanted to make sure it fit. He looked soo cute!

He eventually got it off though. It is a little big on him so it slipped off later but I am guessing he will grow into it.

That's all for now :)


  1. 1. Bruce! In a sweater! He is so precious!
    2. THEY ARE ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO HOUSE 'POSSUMS? For the love of all that's decent and not infested, WHY?
    3. I did that with a brush once. It was very gooey by the time I got to the bottom of the acetone.

  2. lol he did look quite handsome in his little sweater. I am going to put it on him again tonight hehe
    Um YES THEY ARE. These were tiny possums which was supposed to make it better. not gonna happen.
    oh yes, I am wondering if there will be anything left of it when I get to the bottom.

  3. Bruce continues to surprise--I've never known a cat that would wear a sweater!

    Thanks for the comp, though it does make me think I need Nouveau Vintage. :)

  4. He is funny, the sweater is a little too big and he has figured out how to get it off. He will wear it for awhile then he takes it off. I think he hid it the last time he took it off because I can't find it now.

    I really like Nouveau Vintage :) After my issues with Warm and Fozzie I dare say I prefer NV right now.


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