Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jess' Starry Starry Night Franken

Hey Everyone! Once again I don't have much to say. I do have pretty pictures for you though.

I got into nail polish after the famous Essie Starry Starry Night was released and long gone. I can tell you had I been into polish then I would have definitely bought this baby because I love blues. I would never pay the going rate of a real Starry Starry Night and never dreamed I would own it in any capacity. A friend of mine sent me a franken that is very close to the original. THANK YOU JESS! Lol OMG I love this polish! 

Starry Starry Night Franken. 

I used 3 coats for this mani. I didn't want to use that many lol I want to preserve this polish forever.

It is awesome!

I asked her if she has the real deal and she does. I asked her if it is close and she said it is VERY close. SQUEEEEE!

I took a ton of pictures because it is so pretty.

I love the sparkle and I love the color. 

I am quite happy to live my life with a franken and not the real deal. It makes me happy.

I love it!

And isn't her handwriting nice? Mine is not so nice.

That's all for now :)


  1. This is very pretty! I think my ChG Skyscraper satisfies my need for Starry Starry Night, so I'm not that sad that I can't get it.

    1. Oh you know I didn't even think about Skyscraper. I love that one. I think it is darker though. I would hoard all polishes that look like this.

  2. Very nice! And it's even in a Essie bottle.

    1. She did awesome! I know, I love that it is in an Essie bottle too. In my mind it is real haha.


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