Saturday, May 18, 2013

Project Organization

Hey Everyone!!! Happy Saturday!! I am killing time on the computer so I thought I would so a post today! Our tv is broken so I am pretty bored. I have some crocheting projects to finish up but I usually do those with the tv on as background noise. I should probably put some music on before the quiet drives me crazy.

So over the past few weeks I have undertaken PROJECT ORGANIZATION!!!! I say that in a loud boisterous announcer voice in my head lol I decided that while my swatch cards are awesome it is pretty impractical to carry to stores with me because it is bulky and heavy. This prompted me wanting a new swatch book which is fine BUT I would need to got through ALL my polishes because my spreadsheet and swatch cards were not completely 100% up to date. Um, yeah. This is a large undertaking. 

SO I started by going through my swatch cards and making sure everything was on both my cards and my spreadsheet. THEN I went through ALL my polishes and made sure they were all accounted for on my spreadsheet. THEN I cross referenced it with my swatch cards so that they were up to date. I also spent countless hours looking up polishes so I could determine what collection they came from and what year they were released for my spreadsheet. OMG. I am really bad at determining color and finish because I don't like having periwinkle, blurple, teal, turquoise, aqua etc etc as labels I would rather just have blue, green, red etc. I left a ton of color and finish blank on my spreadsheet because just thinking about determining what it is gave me a headache lol.  

I realized that all my color club sets weren't on my spreadsheet. I let them live in the boxes so they aren't IN my helmer drawers and I forgot to put them on the cards and sheet. 

I did them at work one day lol. I also made them little labels for the bottoms because Color Club likes to make you guess what polish is what when they put them in sets.

This is a bin of overflow polish that I took to work to go through. I just got my third helmer and needed to sort through my overflow bins so I could fill my helmer and get rid of the bins. 

I got all these polishes put on the spreadsheet. My co worker came in and said she had never seen so many polishes. I laughed because this is just a small portion of the collection lol. 

After getting them all on the spreadsheet I put them back in the bin nicely but accidentally knocked it over. Luckily no one was harmed in the accident. 

I filled my third helmer pretty darn quick which means I probably need to either purge or set up helmer #4. Seeing as purge isn't in my vocabulary I see a new helmer in my future. 

SO Project Organization has been taking a ton of time and attention. I haven't been able to comment on many blogs lately because though I am taking a minute to stop and check them out I am doing so from my phone, kindle or work and sometimes commenting isn't feasible. This project is taking a bunch of time but when it is done I am going to be so organized! I still have to take ALL the polishes out so I can sort them by brand and put them back in helmers because as you can see I just put them all in drawers any way I could. I am also in the process of listing all my polishes in the new portable swatch book so that when I have all the polishes sorted by brand I can swatch them in there. I have found out a bunch of interesting things while doing this project. 

I am overly organizational when it comes to this project however that is the ONLY area I am completely organized in. I am pretty much a mess in every other area of life lol
I hate my handwriting. A LOT! IF I could pay someone with nicer handwriting to write in my swatch book or figure out a non time consuming way to get it typed in there I would.

I know know how many polishes I have and OMG. 
About 10.44% of my stash are Indie polishes.
Between 7-10% are foreign brands that are very hard to locate in the US. 
The most popular brand in my stash is China Glaze. 
I have 163 different brands of polish in my stash.
I found 52 doubles because either I spaced and bought the same color twice, sometimes three times or someone gave me a color I already had.
I still think I need swatch sticks even though there is no way I want to go and swatch three helmers full on swatch sticks.

I know this post was long and didn't have too many pictures but thanks for reading it anyway :) lol

That's all for now :)


  1. I love seeing how people organize. And I say go for the swatch sticks. Yes, the initial setup is a pain in the rear, but you'll be so grateful afterward!

    1. ohh noooo. When people encourage me to go for it I pretty much hop on ebay and start shopping lol I am trying to hold out. I am also trying to decide which type of swatch stick/wheel/tray thingy to use if I do go for it. Too many decisions!

  2. I was trying to re-organize my polish just last night.I've gone from organizing by brand then by color then to brand again, and once I did them by finish.I also keep my Color Clubs in the box they came in, and made labels for the bottles.I even went so far as to organize which teals lean more blue to green and vice versa.I nearly drove myself nuts.I never thought of doing swatch cards on paper.

    1. WOW that kinda sounds like me only I can't organize by color. Everything else I can organize till I am crazy but I can't deal with color lol The swatch cards on paper was a great idea because I could bring it with me to the store and stop buying dupes. I haven't finished it or accomplished carrying it with me yet but in theory it was brilliant lol

  3. Love the pics! What a stash. I never thought to count how many brands I have! Now I am gonna go do that....

    1. Lol I was bored at work so I started counting up different things and making stats. I can't wait to finish organizing everything it is sort of making me crazy.

  4. The only way I could like this post more is if it had Bruce and Neil in every photo. :)

    1. You know Bruce was all about helping me when my polish was out at home lol When I bring them all out for the major helmer reorganization and swatching I will get the boys in the pictures for ya!


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