Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Scandalous Apple Berry Smoothie

Hey Everyone! What a day. I have the kids at work with me today. That is always fun. I think I may be allergic to work. lol Not the actual work but my place of work. When we got here this morning my son had a huge sneezing fit and runny nose crazy episode. Over the past few days my cough/congestion garbage has been acting up really bad too. I was already thinking that I seem to have less problems on the weekends when I am home but the fact that my son started sneezing and such within minutes of being here is making me think. I might have to try and do a DEEP cleaning of my office and hope that it doesn't kill me in the process lol

Have you ever not been overly impressed with a polish but then put it on and smack yourself with a shoe for not realizing how awesome it was in the first place? THAT is what happened to me with this polish. OMG. I love Cult Nails and have been a fan since the brand launched. Around the time I started getting into the nail scene on the internet and found out about the nail boards and such is about the same time Maria launched Cult Nails. I didn't know her from the boards or anything but found her blog and followed her through the launching of the brand and I have been a fan ever since. I haven't been able to get all of the polishes they have put out (darn you lack of money lol) but I do have a nice collection and I am always looking to get the ones I am missing. Recently I found a couple on a blog sale and jumped on the opportunity to bring them home.

Cult Nails Scandalous is from the 2012 Divas and Drama collection. This was one of the collections I missed out on but because Maria puts out so many awesome polishes it kinda got pushed down the list by newer polishes that I covet. THANK GOODNESS I jumped on it when I saw it listed on the blog sale because it is GORGEOUS!!!

I had a picture of just Scandalous but I had taken it inside before doing the nail art and the lighting was awful. I will definitely do another mani with this color soon because it is so awesome. Scandalous is a coral dream of a polish that has that squishy jelly look that I am in love with. It pulls more orange on me and totally reminds me of a juicy candy.

I used Rimmel Apple Berry Smoothie from the Cocktail Colour Collection that has been popping up in stores. The Cocktail polishes are gorgeous foily, glass fleck, shimmery polishes. There are five polishes in the collection but the bottles are on the small side. I believe they are 6 or 7ml and my Walgreens has them for $2.49 a bottle. Due to size and price this one was the only one I actually purchased and only because I had a coupon.

I started with a base of Scandalous which is sooo yummy. I didn't want to do nail art on all the nails because I didn't want to cover Scandalous up.

I used striping tape that I bought on ebay to tape off the designs. I was actually going to make my index finger match my middle finger but then decided one nail had to be plain.

I was attempting this mani and rushed so I ended up messing up a bit. I tried to hide it on this hand by making the pinky a little different. It didn't work but still looks pretty cool.

I love both of these polishes and actually really liked them together. I need to do manis with each of them alone though because they are both such pretty polishes.

That's all for now :)

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