Friday, June 7, 2013

Beachy Racing Stripes

Hey Everyone!! What a chaotic morning. It was the first day of summer vacation yet I was still up around 7:30. Aside from the fact that I am trained to get up around that time Neil is also trained to get up around that time. If he isn't already in bed with ds he will lay next to the bed and call ds until he puts him up in the bed with him. Neil can't get up on the bed and couch himself but if he wants up somewhere will sit there and sing the song of his people until someone picks him up and puts him where he wants to go. It is cute but not necessarily that early in the morning. It all went nuts from there. At least it is Friday though :) My mani also was chipped by 9:30am and all I did was get up and shower and get ready for work. NOT CUTE! I hadn't and still haven't even had a chance to take pictures yet.

Today I have another mani using the BornPrettyStore mini round glitters that were sent to me for review.

For this mani I used the black or gunmetal colored glitter in the lower right corner. It is one of the holographic colors.

I started with Revlon Beach. Beach is a scented polish and was on clearance at CVS. I love bright colors and for little over a buck it was a great buy. I have no idea what it is supposed to smell like but it wasn't an over powering scent.

I decided to make two lines of round glitter going down the center of my nails for this mani.

Df called this the racing stripe mani. He kept talking about my racing stripes. I guess it does kind of look like racing stripes but I wasn't really going for that lol.

This is my favorite of the colors I tried. I love the way it looks with Beach and I love how holo it is.

For this mani I dotted some clear on the nail then used my dotting tool to pick up and place the circles over the clear I put on the nail. I did one dot of clear on my nail at a time because when I tried going for more it dried too quickly. I should have probably used a non fast drying clear.

Since I knew I would NEVER be able to do this without some sort of guide I used a piece of striping tape to guide my stripes. I put the striping tape down the middle of my nail then placed one row of glitter on each time. When I removed the tape the lines were perfectly spaced and pretty straight.

I really like this mani. I love the colors and I thought it was so fun.

A close up of those glitter.

I want to do these stripes on all my neon glitters now.

Remember you can use code JLG10 at BornPrettyStore for 10% off your next order.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Mini Round Glitter set :) I am already thinking of other ideas for this glitter.

That's all for now :)

This item was sent to me for review. All opinions and reviews are based on my honest opinion and experience and are non bias.


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