Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Born Pretty Mini Round Glitter Review

Hey Everyone!! Today I got a new monitor at work and it is very large. I feel like I am looking at a billboard lol I made some changes to the look of the blog by adding a banner and my new Facebook page link over on the sidebar :) Hopefully everything looks good on a normal, non billboard sized, monitor.

I am super excited about today's post. I was recently contacted by a lovely person at the BornPrettyStore to do a review on a product of my choice. I was very familiar with the company as I have previously ordered products from them before but to get asked to do a review was SO exciting. It was so hard to pick an item since I have several that I have wanted to order however I wanted something that was a little different. I have seen many bloggers using hexagon glitter, "glequins" or "spangles" as I have also seen them called but I had yet to see anyone post about the circle glitter. I finally decided that would be the perfect item and made my decision. Wouldn't you know about a week later I saw another blogger post about the same item lol. Anyway, after I confirmed my pick it took about 2-2 1/2 weeks for the item to arrive. It actually came way faster than I anticipated.

I was very excited to receive the item! It was shipped in a bubble mailer. I love the little box that the glitter pots are housed in since it keeps everything together.

I received 12 pots of various colored circle glitter. I was surprised to find that 7 of the colors are iridescent glitter and are very light. In the picture online the colors looked more vibrant and I assumed they would be darker. The other 5 colors are holographic glitter.

My plastic box cracked and the corner broke a little in transit. It came a long way in a bubble mailer so I wasn't really surprised to find it cracked. No big deal since it still works and keeps all the little pots together but something to keep in mind if something like that is going to bother you.

I do like the mix of colors that the set contains. I had a few ideas of what I was going to do with the glitter but the fact that the majority of them were iridescent threw my ideas off. I was going to have to revise things a little bit because the iridescent colors weren't going to work with my initial plans.

I finally decided I was going to use the darker blurple color. It is not really blue but not really purple and my pictures are not really color accurate. The picture below is closer to the true color.

I thought this pinkish coral color would work well with my idea and the blurple glitter.

These little pots hold a lot of glitter, especially when you are only using a few pieces of each. I am very happy with the amount of glitter that comes in this set.

I started my mani with a sponged gradient base of Sinful Colors Anchors Away from the Sail La Vie Display and Sunburnt from the Pool Side Polish Display.

I used Sinful Colors New Wave also from the Sail La Vie collection to stamp. All three of these Sinful Colors are new.

I used the top design on Pueen plate PUEEN46 for the stamping design.

After I sponged my gradient mani and stamped the image on I used a dotting tool to place the circular glitters in the designs.

I used the blurple glitters over the circles that were solid in the pattern so the blue behind it would help make it darker. I put the pink glitter inside the outlined circles and the base coat helped them show more.

The iridescence of these glitters is really pretty and makes them stand out and shine. I do love the way they looked when they were placed on the nail. In order to place them I dotted a small amount of clear polish in the place that I wanted the glitter. I then dipped my dotting tool in clear polish to pick up the glitter and then placed it on the spot on the nail. This method worked really well for me.

The glitter sticks to the top of the cap so when I took the cap off there was more than enough glitter in the cap to do the whole mani. This helped me get just one piece of glitter at a time.

Before I noticed using the cap would work really well I was dipping my dotting tool into the pot of glitter. This picked up more than one piece of glitter at a time and proved to be a little frustrating. I definitely recommend using the cap!

The glitter also sticks to itself a little bit. I had that happen more when I was trying to take glitter out of the pot but even in the cap I noticed I would pick up a piece of glitter that was actually more than one. I didn't notice at first and wondered why a couple pieces of glitter were two and three times the thickness of others. Once I caught on I made sure I only had one piece of glitter so they wouldn't stick out too far off the nail.

I did have a couple of pieces of glitter that I didn't notice were stuck and I could not get the second one off the first after it was on the nail. This was really the only place that the glitter was noticeable on the nail. I used a coat of gelous and then top coat and my mani was smooth other than those two glitters.

I am really happy and impressed with this glitter. There are so many different ways you can use it. I am going to have two more manis in the next two days to show you where I used this glitter. I really had fun playing with them and trying to come up with cool manis.

Born Pretty Store offered me a code for my readers to use to get 10% off their purchase. You can check out this glitter set here

That's all for now :) 

This Item was sent to me for review. My review is my honest opinion on the product without bias.



  1. I love everything about this mani - the colours in the gradient, the stamping pattern and the glitter all work so well together!

  2. i need to buy is it possible

    1. This link takes you to the product page if you enter code JLG10 at checkout you can get 10% off.


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