Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gold and Silver Round Glitter Mani

 Hey Everyone! OMG the internet has me disgruntled today! I think it is Modzilla, which I don't usually use, that is bugging me. I usually use an old version of IE because my boss didn't want to update it to Chrome but it keeps freezing so I decided to give Modzilla a try again. I can't comment on any blogs and of course today I have time to do some blog reading. It just took me forever to get these pictures situated the way I wanted them. I STILL can't figure out how to get the blog posts to update to Facebook when I post. The internet isn't playing nice today. It is the last day of school today too. I am only borderline ready for Summer. 

Today I have another mani to show you using the BornPrettyStore circle glitters that they sent me for review. I had a grand plan using the silver and gold glitter but I couldn't quite get that plan executed the way I imagined it so I reformulated the plan and came out with this mani.

I used Essie No Place like Chrome and Good as Gold from the 2012 Mirror Metallics Collection.

I used the gold and silver holographic circle glitter from the Born Pretty Store mini round glitter set.

I started by painting my nails in No Place like Chrome then painting half of each nail in Good as Gold. I couldn't find my ridge filler base coat so you could see every imperfection in my nail. I highly recommend using a ridge filling base coat to smooth out your nails before using the Mirror Metallics.

Unfortunately these two colors almost blended on the nail. It was hard to see the difference between the silver and the gold. I decided to put glitter on the color line to help distinguish the two colors. I used three gold circles on the silver side of the nail and two silver circles on the gold side.

This mani reminds me of a clown outfit for some reason.

 The glitter is really awesome and I love them when the light hits them. They were super easy to use especially since I already knew to use the glitter stuck to the lid.

 You can see the middle glitter on my index finger in the picture above shows where two pieces were stuck together. I didn't notice until it was on the nail and when I tried to get them apart the one on top slid over just a tad and stuck itself firmly to the mani. At that point there wasn't much I could do other than pretend it didn't exist and that I didn't notice. lol

 I really wish I had found my ridge filling base coat before doing this mani because the uneven surface drove me crazy. Thank you Essie for pointing out every.single.imperfection in my nails!

 I love these little circle glitter and there are so many different things you can do with them to spice up a normal mani. I would love this glitter in ALL the colors!

 There is another set of Round Glitter on Born Pretty Store that appears to be larger circles. I am going to need that set too! I love round glitter and these are really fun.

 Just a reminder Born Pretty Store created a special 10% off code for my readers if you use JLG10 at checkout. 

That's all for now :)

This product was sent to me for review. All reviews are my honest and unbiased opinion based on my experience using the product.


  1. This looks so pretty! I usually avoid anything silver or gold but I really like this :D

    1. Thank you :) I usually avoid all gold but I really wanted to try those gold glitters lol


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