Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tidal Wave of Stars

Hey Everyone! I am soo tired. We drove upstate yesterday to pick up df's daughter for the Summer and sitting in the car for around 10+ hours has left me sore and tired. I meant to pre schedule a post for yesterday but somehow forgot. I am running on fumes today so I am not very chatty lol Shocking isn't it?

One of my favorite blogs, one of the ones my stupid work computer won't let me comment on too, is Fingers Polish Mania. When I did this mani I wasn't totally stoked with the way the stamping came out and I thought of her awesome funky french manis and it inspired me to do a french tip over this stamping. When I think of funky french manis I think of Fingers Polish Mania so I had to send you all her way if you don't already follow her!

I started with a base of Sinful Colors Tidal Wave. This is a new polish from Sinful Colors and can be found in the Pool Side Polish display. I have actually yet to see that display but my Walgreens just threw these in with the pretty much empty regular display. My Walgreens is really special so it isn't too surprising.

I stamped with Maybelline Color Show Metallics Navy Narcissist. I got this baby on clearance at CVS because I figured it would be a great stamping polish. It definitely is and I love it!

I used the stars in circles design on Cheeky plate CH52 from the 2012 Summer plate collection. It reminds me of Converse shoes.

Tidal Wave is a pretty light blue that looked brighter and darker after I stamped it. Application was pretty good. I love most Sinful Colors polishes because they are cheap and good lol

It is thundering out. I love rain and thunderstorms I only wish I could be at home enjoying it on the couch. It is making me more tired. I also wish I had a window to watch it rain though that might put me to sleep.

So Navy Narcissist stamps really well though I messed up the designs a little. I can't remember which stamper I used but I was having some issues and some of the designs came out a little weird.

I don't usually do the french tip, especially when my nails are this short, but I kinda LOVE IT!

This design makes me think of my dad. He used to wear Converse high tops when I was little. Once we were shopping and saw a purple pair of high top Converse in his size and wanted to get them for him. I think they were really cheap which made us want to get them for him even more.

I think my coffee is finally starting to kick in. I discovered a few other brands of stamping plates that I am not itching to try out. I can't wait to show you the mani I have on today. I am loving stamping and making stamping decals lately.

That's all for now :)


  1. Tidal Wave is such a nice blue! And your nails are so cute short!

    1. It is a pretty blue! I think I have a blue problem. 12 of the last 19 polishes I bought have been blue lol

      Thank you :) I always feel a little bad when my nails are shorter but I think I am growing to be more ok with it. I am hoping that keeping them short for now will let me grow out the peely mess I created too.


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