Monday, March 16, 2015

But of Corpse it is St. Patrick's Day

Hey Everyone!! St. Patrick's Day is almost here so this week we will be doing all green manis. I am hoping to get them all posted this week but we will see how it goes. It might turn into Valentine's Day and we might be going through them for long after the holiday. It is Monday which is unfortunate. I am far too sleepy and not wanting to deal with Monday at all. I could also use a snack. 

Today I used a Halloween polish that I had gotten not long ago on clearance. I love recycling holiday collections for other holidays. This one worked very nicely for St. Patrick's Day.

I used two coats of China Glaze But of Corpse from the Apocalypse of Color collection.

This one dries a little matte and with all that black micro glitter it is textured when dry. I had only put a quick coat of top coat on this mani before stamping so it was still bumpy and textured.

I used my DIY alcohol ink stamping polish for the stamping. It showed up nicely but I think I should have used black instead.

I used Messy Mansion plate MM04 for the images.

I don't know if it was poor placement or my nails are just too small but the knot image didn't come out quite as nice as I had hoped it would. I wasn't exactly disappointed with this mani but it wasn't my favorite either. I do love the Shamrock image.

That's all for now :)

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