Wednesday, March 4, 2015

GoGo Only St. Merry

Hey Everyone!!! I don't have my St. Patrick's manis ready to post yet so I thought I would go ahead and do a little post on one of the newer plates to come out. I bought this plate with my own money and thought I would do a little review to help those who haven't seen much information on this plate yet.

In January a new company called Gogoonly appeared on Amazon with one single plate called St. Merry. The price point was $12.99 + shipping so I couldn't resist giving it a try. I ordered it fairly early and it came fast because I had a trial going with Amazon Prime. They shipped it in an envelope and though it was bubble wrapped it was pretty flimsy and could have easily got bent. The packaging could have been a lot better.

When I took it out it was in this really pretty sleeve that had a different design on each side.

You can see the corner got bent a little during shipping. The plate was fine but I can see where the packaging  for shipping could cause an issue. This was fulfilled by Amazon so the shipping packaging has nothing to do with the brand.

The back has Gogoonly written on the backing. The backing I believe is a sheet of plastic that goes to the edge of the plate. There is no plastic edge like you see with MoYou or Infinity plates. The backing is covered with a film. I didn't take the film off of the back because I figured it will keep it clean longer.

The front of the plate is also covered with a film which is very easy to remove. The plate is a really nice size and has a ton of images. The plate itself is about 6x9 inches. There are 50 full nail designs and 10 smaller individual designs along the bottom. 

The full nail images are about 1.5x2.3 cm. I put my nails up to the images so you can see them next to real nails. My nails are small and were pretty short at the time I took these pictures.

The smaller images range in size but the biggest one was about 1x0.9 cm

I stamped each image to test how well the plate worked. I used LA Colors Gel Like polish in Tempt. The plate stamped really really nicely. You can see I have one image circled. I had to stamp that image twice because it didn't come out perfect the first time. I had no issues on the second stamp so it was probably just user error.

The images are really clear and have some great details that stamp really nicely.

The images of the ladies stamp so perfectly and clear. I love how well this plate stamps.

These are the tools I used for the swatching. I used LA Colors to stamp with. I like to test plates with cheaper polishes to see how well they will do with any old polish. This plate stamped perfectly. I used my stamper head that I got from ebay in my Fab Ur Nails cap for the large images and the squishy white dual sided stamper for the small images. 

Over all I would absolutely recommend this plate, especially for the price. The designs are very nice and detailed and they stamp perfectly even with a cheaper polish. I have used this plate already for a couple of manis as well as to test out the stamping polishes I was making. It is a great deal and  Gogoonly has added another plate, St. Happy, to their lineup. I hope they come out with more plates because I am loving both of them. 

That's all for now :)


  1. That's pretty stinking affordable for ALL THOSE IMAGES! Thanks for the review, I hadn't heard of this brand before!

    1. I know, it is so affordable which I LOVE! It is a really good plate, I am impressed with the quality. I will have the review of their other plate up next week. I hope they come out with more. Glad I could introduce them to you :)


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