Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Emerald Fern Stamping

Hey Everyone! I am going to make this a little short because I just had a piece of this insane cake. 

Chocolate Peanut Butter cake. I think I might explode!

Today I have some stamping that I did over another Gelish mani. I don't have pictures of the Gelish mani on it's own but it was Emerald Sparkle. I stamped with Revlon Top Speed in Emerald and used Mash Plate 44.

I used the fern like pattern on Mash-44.

I was trying the XL stamper and having some issues so not all the ferny parts came out perfect.

I did like the way it came out though. It reminded me of Jurassic Park.

I LOVE Jurassic Park, seriously MUST watch it every time I see it on tv.

Oh there is my little baby nub of a pinky nail. 

I noticed today that my nails are all peely too. I swear they hate me! lol.

And here is a cute picture of Neil! Now I must go explode.

That's all for now :)


  1. The cake is eeeeeevil;) Your pictures are dangerous, LOL! Neil is so cute!!!! I love the long white hair in his ears:)

    1. That cake WAS evil!!! OMG so good but SO EVIL!!!!

      Neil is a cute little fuzz bucket. I love that long ear hair too!!! I always ask him why it is there but he just looks at me funny.

  2. Love the ferns! If I did more stamping I'd for sure need that plate.

    Love Neil and his crazy ear hair. :)

    1. I actually only wanted that plate for the piano keys but the ferns look pretty cool. I am trying to stamp more but my nails are microscopic now and it is annoying.

      Neil's crazy ear hair is so funny! It like arches out and omg too cute. He also has toe fur which I find so cute. It is growing back since we had the vet cut it last time he was there. Between Neil and Bruce we have quite the entertaining bunch!

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  4. Very cool color combo and image! Can you believe that I've never had peanut butter? I really have to go look for some because the curiosity is killing me. It's not popular at all here but maybe I can find some at the store.
    And I love Neil! He is so funny.

    1. You have never had peanut butter?! OMG I feel the need to send you a jar now! I am not CRAZY over peanut butter like df but I do enjoy it. Seriously, I need to send you Peanut Butter!
      Neil is a funny cat, he is so crazy.


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