Friday, September 28, 2012

Harvest Moon

Hey Everyone! So last night I was doing my nails while my mom was using the computer. I was patiently waiting for her to go away so I could post this but then out of nowhere she decided she wanted me to paint her nails. This rarely happens. RARELY! So I say ok I have the perfect color. This lady does NOT usually go wild on her nails at all. I had NYC Peach Sparkle in a box with my Crows and other recent purchases and pull it out. She is not overly excited so I start showing her some of the stuff in the box. Mind you this lady already thinks I have WAY TOO MUCH NAIL POLISH because I had one of my helmers in the living room and it is FULL. She doesn't realize I have another helmer that is full AND I have an overflow bin. We will just keep that a secret for now. Anyway, so she is actually looking at my glitters trying to decide what she wants done. I show her things I thought were more tame and reserved but nope she grabs Paehlish Still Alive and decides she wants that one. I proceed to do her nails which came out very nice but my camera was dead so I am hoping to get some pictures of that one tomorrow. I sat on the couch for a while waiting for my son to get off the computer and when he finally did df gave me the guilt trip because I hadn't spent time with him and I was going to go get on the computer now. *eyeroll* SO needless to say I didn't get near the computer last night and I am behind on posting now.

I am a bit torn because I want to do a full post on the base colors I am using under my Crows but I also want to get on with it already and show you the pretties. I don't want to flood you with too many posts a day either. SO  I am deciding what I want to do with that.

Today I have China Glaze Harvest Moon to get me in the mood for Fall. In Florida Fall does not exist. I am working outside in the warehouse today and let me tell you it is HOT out there. I hear thunder too so I am sure it will be raining shortly. Harvest Moon was from the Capitol Colours (Hunger Games) collection that was out earlier this year.

Harvest Game is an awesome orangey copper color. It looks very glowy and shimmery. I love this polish. I think it is perfect for Fall even though it was released months ago. I also love the Hunger Games so I doubly love this color.

I used two coats for this mani. The polish was quite nice and I had no issues with application.

Orange is one of my favorite nail polish colors lately which is interesting. I feel like I need all the oranges.

I am guessing by the end of Novemeber I might be ready for Christmas and Winter colors.

I love how it looks glowy. I now want to see some Jack O'Lantern faces on these nails lol.

I would like some pumpkin bread too now :)

I think I will be using this one a lot this season. I have already used it for my first and second Fall mani. I am going to try and show you the second one later. Keep your fingers crossed I can actually get to the computer tonight :)

That's all for now :)


  1. The Hunger Games collection was such a fall collection, don't you think? I can't think of a single spring appropriate polish in that collection! This is lovely. For some reason I'm craving a lot of orange and copper now too. These types of colors look terrible on me usually, but I just can't help it. I'm looking for a pumpkin color at the moment. Hope I find one soon!

    1. You are absolutely right! Fast Track was light so it could be Spring like but that is about it. I love fall colors so I was all over it. I too am dying for all things orange and copper. Hmmm a pumpkin color. I will have to think, nothing comes to mind at the moment. Now I want one too though lol

  2. Replies
    1. mmmmm sounds yummy! Bruce and I will be over shortly for some pumpkin cake! lol


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