Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sacred Ground.

Hey Everyone! Happy Hump Day! I am so glad there are only two more days left in the week. I am exhausted and ready for a day off. Tomorrow night we get to go look for a Christmas tree so I am excited about that. I think I am starting to feel better. I hope.

Today I have some special pictures to show you. I am going to warn you in advance they are some naked, bad cuticle, awful nails lol. I found these when somehow my memory card came loose and my camera showed me three pictures on the camera from back in September. I was amazed that these were from just 3 months ago and  weren't older than that. 

Oh how sad that middle finger looks. I probably took these to document either the nail break or the yellow crypt keeper hue. Those cuticles are awful.

My nails are pretty close to this crypt keeper color now actually. I can't get them to whiten but at least they are longer now. I am loving the treatment I am using and I think that is what has made them grow and stay strong. I banged my hand into the door the other day and thought for sure I was going to lose a nail. My polish was slightly chipped but that is all. 

Now on to the pretty pictures. This was one of the Spa Ritual polishes I got from AveYou. It is quite popular on the boards and blogs and now I see why. It is gorgeous.

This is two coats. This polish went on so easily and it totally adds to my high opinion of Spa Ritual polishes.

I have seen pictures of this polish that pull more brown on people but on me it was definitely more gray. In these pictures the flash washed it out a bit. I really need a better camera.

The shimmer in this baby is unreal. It has a rich shimmer that flashes what looks like pink and gold some silver and blue. I have seen this polish look so different depending on the person wearing it.

This picture is most color accurate on me. It is darker and most of the time very gray.

I tried to catch some of the shimmer but it is impossible to show you how gorgeous this polish really is in person.

This has got to be one of my favorites.

That's all for now :)


  1. Interesting ... I wouldn't have guessed from just the pics that this was Sacred Ground. Now I'm very curious to see if it'll pull grey like this on me, too--I wouldn't mind, but it's not what I'd expect.

  2. I know, it wasn't what I expected either lol. I was a bit surprised so I started googling images and they all looked very different from what it looked like on me. I don't mind the gray it was just somewhat confusing lol


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