Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crafting Fun

Hey Everyone! Tonight I have naked nails. I wanted to finish my monkey that I was crocheting and I did. It is now 12:21am though and way too late to do nails. I didn't have a chance to do them earlier so naked we are. I had to file down one of my pinkies because it was starting to rip on the side. It is ok though because it is still long in my book so we are good. I figure that because they are growing out the length that I have now is easily breakable because the nails were weak before. I am hoping they hold up and continue to grow strong. Knock on wood.

Meet my monkey friend. It is for my brother for his birthday. His birthday was two days ago but that is ok. Better late than never. This is my first big crochet project. I can't show you the other ones yet because they are Christmas presents but they did not have as many parts as this guy. 

He is cute. He is not perfect but I think I did a pretty darn good job. I love this crocheting thing. I have to make a pig for my other brother since his birthday was yesterday and he likes pigs. I think I will try an start that one tomorrow and hopefully it will not be too hard.

I LOVE THIS GUY! I also bought a pattern for a super huge Greyhound so I will have to work on that one soon too.

Monkey says HI!!!!

I made a tray of Peppermint Bark last night too. It was in part for my Secret Santa's gift.

It is yummy. The bf took some to his co worker and apparently they went nuts and ate it all throughout the day.

Cute little bag of bark I sent to work with the bf.

I got these super cute little containers to put the bark bags in. They have a little washer attached so you can pry the lid up like a paint can. LOVE the little container thingy. Hopefully it makes it to my Secret Santa without melting. It was 80 degrees here today. I think it is supposed to be nicer tomorrow which I am going to hopefully get it mailed out then. 

I will have a mani for you tomorrow :)

That's all for now :)


  1. Aw so cute!!!! I love the monkey:) Never heard about peppermint bark but I'll google" it a little later. Great job Julie:)

  2. Aww thanks guys!! I love him. My brother LOVED it so I was happy.
    Silke I am going to send you some no worries :)

  3. What a cute monkey! I love peppermint bark--probably too much for my own good. :)

  4. Thanks Karen! lol yeah, me too! I actually came home to find the extra bag I had made gone so now I have to make some more. I really need to hide the stuff lol


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