Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Wreaths

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend! Mine was pretty good. I got my polish somewhat organized which was a great accomplishment. I can't believe that there is only a week until Christmas. That is crazy! 

Tonight I have a quick post for you because my knees are killing me and I am going to ice them to see if that helps any. I hate ice so this should be fun. This is a nice festive holiday mani for you :)

I made Christmas wreaths! I used two coats of Revlon Top Speed Golden for the base. IT covered really well and was almost a one coater. I used my dotting tools, Zoya Holly and a Sinful Colors red nail art polish for the wreaths.

You can see on the index fingers where I tried to patch the breaks because the polish is uneven. It held pretty well until yesterday and then I just nubbinized them all.

I messed a couple up when I put the top coat on. We had a smearing issue on a couple nails.

I thought they were pretty festive though. I think I would like them on a silver background a little more.

My left hand was much better than my right but it didn't come out too bad.

I liked this mani and thought it was pretty festive. Now I have to come up with some more ideas for the rest of the week lol.

That's all for now :)


  1. These nails totally put me in the holiday mood! Awesome job! So sorry to hear about your nails. Hope they grow fast!

  2. YAY!!! They put me in more of a holiday mood too.

    Thank you :) They aren't TOO short now so we will see how fast they grow. It gives me a good chance to test the treatment too lol. You will see the nubs later when I post. The next two manis are more snow/winter manis :)

  3. Very nicely done!

    You hate ice? In general?

  4. Thanks :)

    LOL I hate ice as in icing my body. I quite love ice for drinks and other general ice things just not when it is stuck on my body lol

  5. Hello! I'm from Venezuela ... I like your blog ... This entertaining and has very beautiful nail art ... immediately follow your blog. visit mine if you can
    by the way, my English is very bad, because I only speak Spanish

  6. Hi Ney! Thank you so much! I was just talking to my co-worker abour Venezuelan chocolate this morning then I saw your comment. That is so coincidental. Tu Ingles es muy bien, no problema. Yo hablo espanol muy malo pero yo entiende mas. I will check out your blog as soon as I can :)


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