Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are you Frostbitten this Blue Year's Eve?

Hey Everyone! My knees are feeling much better today, could be all the ibuprofen I am taking, so I am in much better spirits. It is also the bf's birthday so we had a nice dinner and I tried to make his day as nice as I could considering we were both working. I just realized today a couple of gifts I could give my dad and brother so I will be out in the crazy shopping world tomorrow. I am actually just running to the craft store before work but I am still scared to go out lol. The kids are done except I am waiting for a couple of things to come in the mail and I think I have everything else. I hope. I am never prepared lol.

Today I have somewhat of a comparison for you. I am also showing off my nubs for the first time since cutting them. It is not pretty and I cropped my index finger out of some of the shots because it is broken pretty low and just looked ugly. The mani I have today is not one of my best and I am not really happy about showing it but hey, we all have bad days. 

So I have a side by side picture of China Glaze Frostbite and Blue Year's Eve. I thought they were pretty close to each other until I put them next to each other. Blue Year's Eve is darker and if you notice on the side of the bottle it has a purple, fuchsia type flash to it. I believe it to be a glass fleck polish where as Frostbite is a shimmer and more of a bright blue. Both are pretty just not as similar as I thought.

You can see on the nail that they are different as well. The middle finger in the picture has Blue Year's Eve and the other two have Frostbite. 

I used two coats of each. I had some cuticle drag but I was trying to work on a bed that was being shaken by my wonderful son and his Xbox playing. He does NOT sit still when playing video games and it is quite annoying lol. 

I used Sinful Colors nail art polish in white for the snow then topped it with China Glaze Snow Globe. 

I wasn't really happy with the snow effect but my co-worker noticed and actually complimented them. The nice scratches on my finger were courtesy of Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior.

Ah, one picture with my index nub snuck in. The colors alternate from top to bottom Blue Year's Eve and Frostbite.

I also finished my crochet Greyhound this weekend. 

Here he is from the side. His body is shorter than a typical Greyhound but as I told the critics it is a crochet piece not an accurate replica.

Bruce is in the background watching very carefully. He was very suspicious of this little dog. He was also wearing his sweater.

From the front :)

And here he is again with Bruce attacking his tail. My next project is a dragon.

That's all for now :) 


  1. Bruce! Tiny sweater! Yarn greyhound! Fierce kitten! My head explodes with the unbearable cuteness.

  2. Lol! Yeah if I could figure out how to upload and post on my blog a video I have one that would totally make your head explode. it is called Bruce in sweater meets yarn greyhound and bonks it's nose. lol

  3. Didn't think these were so different. But I still think I like Blue Year's Eve better because it's a glass fleck and it's just beautiful. The hound is so cute!!

  4. I know right! I thought they were closer than they are. I also like Blue Year's Eve better but I love blue so Frostbite will get to stay lol.

    Thank you :) I was worried it didn't look like a Greyhound but the girls at the kennel LOVED it.

  5. Yay, not dupes! I can keep them both. :)

    Bruce in his sweater is just cracking me up; love that guy!

  6. That was pretty much my theory lol both get to stay lol.

    OMG the sweater. It is so much fun to put him in that thing lol I made him a new sweater today.


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