Monday, December 12, 2011

Twila Stripes

Hey Everyone!!!! It has been SUCH a long weekend I feel like I didn't have one. Friday night we went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. My brother got us tickets for birthday/Christmas presents and it was AWESOME! I highly recommend catching a show if you have the chance because it is phenomenal. Usually my weekends are pretty dull but everything was packed into this one. Saturday was the after school program's annual event. The bf coached the basketball teams for my son's school so we were up realllllly early to go attend that event. The boys did not win their game sadly but the girls were able to win one and came in fourth place. It was fun but so very tiring. I swear these kids have energy like mad because they were going long after I was crashing. Sunday we had some Christmas shopping to do and one of my son's friends came over for awhile. It was NON STOP. I am still tired lol. I am going to try and get better at posting on the weekends. It is a goal of the new year :) 

Today I have a tape mani disaster for you. It didn't come out THAT bad but it was a mission to do. I figured it would be easy enough and I could do it real quick at work to change my mani up for the TSO show. FAIL. The tape kept getting stuck on my nail and not coming up completely. It was almost like the polish was eating it. I finally was able to use the packing tape from the warehouse which worked better.

I used my Zoya Noel mani and then used the blue glitter from the Zoya Gems Collection Twila for the stripes. It looked like wrapping paper which is what I was going for so that is good lol.

It is really a lot prettier in person than the pictures show. I loved the mani.  

Twila is quite top coat hungry though. I used two coats of top coat on one hand and it still was rough. 

I forgot to mention this earlier. Bar glitter is not exactly the best polish to do a tape mani with. The bar glitter is all over the place and didn't quite understand it had to stay in this small little area. 

Other than tape not cooperating and bar glitter that didn't want to stay on the stripes it was an easy mani that looked pretty cool.

Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior wanted to say hello! 

This is Mr.Piggy! I crocheted him :) I wanted to show him off. I made him for my brother for his birthday. I am going to send it to him with his Christmas gift. 

He was super cute.

And has a curly tail. 

Piggy says goodnight :)

That's all for now :)


  1. I'm not a fan of the bar glitter (too hairy for me lol), but the stripes look really pretty. And I love the pig! I'm a big fan of pigs myself and this one is so cute!

  2. Lol bar glitter doesn't usually bother me. I kinda like the hairyness lol. The pig is pretty cute, he was sitting on my desk yesterday and I thought about keeping him lol. Thank you, he says thank you too. I am hoping my brother likes him too.

  3. Cool mani, like the idea with the bar glitter stripes:) Mr. Piggy is to die for:) He is such a cutie!

  4. Thanks Silke! I have to make more pigs. Right now I am working on a greyhound lol I am going to have a whole zoo soon.


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