Monday, December 5, 2011

Zoya Rina and Holly

Hey Everyone!!! It is Monday. Monday's are not usually very exciting. I much prefer Friday lol. I have so much to do and so little time lately. I am trying to get gifts made and ready and I haven't even done much Christmas shopping yet. Yikes it is going to be busy.

Today I have a semi holiday mani for you. It is green and sparkly so I consider it holiday like! I recently got these polishes in one of the Zoya promos and was really excited to try them out. My camera freaked out when I tried to take the pictures because they are sooo shiny and sparkly. I did the cleanup when I wasn't feeling well so that didn't work out really well. I did manage to keep the brush from falling in the bottle though.

I used Zoya Holly from the Gems & Jewels collection as the base. I used two coats. I was hoping I could get away with one but this definitely needed a second coat. 

I used one coat of Rina from the same collection on top. It is a nice bar glitter and yes my nails look a little hairy but I love it.

Ok these pictures aren't exact in the color but I tried. These lean a little blue. This polish is a bright green and looks almost exactly like Hershey Kisses holiday wrappers.

The bar glitter has some holographic glitter. I swear there is some blue in there but I am not sure it there is actually blue bar glitter or it is the holo bars.

Application was great and I have never had a problem with Zoya polishes. They are definitely one of my favorite brands.

I happened to have some Hershey Kisses so I took some pictures with them. Then I ate them lol

I love Kisses. This is probably the most color accurate on the nail picture. My dad even noticed my nails today and that doesn't happen often. He liked the color and the sparkle. 

I brought this box home because I was keeping some of the stuff I crocheted in it since my bag is full of yarn. I took the hats out since I sent a few of them to their destination and Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior decided it was his new little bed. He took a nice kitty bath in the box lol perhaps he thought it was his bath box. 

That's all for now :)


  1. They do look exactly like Hershey kiss wrappers! Yum!
    My dad's cats just love boxes like that.

  2. Yup! You know I HAD to have some kisses since they matched my nails lol.
    I think it is sooo cute when cats get into boxes. Bruce likes to get into bags too lol


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