Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blame Uverse!

Hey Everyone!!!! Well, I got home last night to find that AT&T Uverse was having some network problems or some mumbo jumbo that cut off my internet, cable and telephone. Um, not cute Uverse! SO I edited a bunch of pictures and got them ready but couldn't upload to photobucket and couldn't do my blog post. This morning I believe the internet was still off so let us hope that they get it figured out soon.

Since I already showed you all the manis I have uploaded into photobucket (I really should invest in the google space lol) I will show you some of the projects I did recently.

I LOVE these little things that you paint yourself. When we were young my mom would make us plaster things from candy molds and we would make magnets. We also went to ceramics at the park in the summer.
I love doing them but they are harder and harder to find at the craft store these days. Usually when I see them on sale I will grab some. My mother decided we needed to clean the crafting closet and spend the weekends painting and out came all my little friends.

I had two of this particular one so I painted them the same and called them the twins. I am probably going to give them to the twins lol. I didn't spray the with the clear gloss yet but this is them all finished.

Can you tell I LOVE Snowmen? This guy was super cute and difficult lol. Df could not believe I painted these (he was at work).

My mom had this wreath that she never finished so she finished it. It will look even better with the clear gloss coat.

I love LOVE this wreath!! So pretty. I did the bunny eyes. :)

Hopefully my internet will be up tonight so I can do a real post!

That's all for now :)

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