Monday, January 21, 2013

Cool Gray Glitter

Hey Everyone!!! I hope you are having a good Monday! School is out today, banks are close and mail is not running yet still I am at work. I am finding it hardly fair that my son is home and I am working lol. I am trying very hard to stay awake today. I slept really good last night but I am still very sleepy today. My coffee is just cooling down enough for me to drink. My neck is bothering me today too which is adding fun to my day. I think I might have to cut my hair too. It is so long it is heavy and when I put it in a messy mess on top my head it makes my head feel so heavy which isn't doing a lot of good for my neck.

So today I have a simple mani that I did after the glitter gel mani to cleanse the palette a bit.

I used Sinful Colors Cool Gray for the base. I saw this one in a new little display and grabbed it. I don't know if it is a new color or not but it isn't one that I had.

I wanted to try to do a mani with individual pieces of glitter. I have seen various bloggers doing those manis but I never found the right glitter and was kind of afraid to order blindly. When these were posted on Artsyfartsy Crafts I figured I would give them a try.

I wasn't sure if they were the right size but look how pretty they are. I have also loved all of the glitter I have bought from them so I figured even if it wasn't the right glitter I would love it.

I started with a base of Cool Gray. When I started the mani Cool Gray was pretty thick and I was having a lot of difficulty. I ended up taking it off and starting over because it did not cooperate at all. I added some thinner and Cool Gray behaved perfectly from that point on. It is a good thing it decided to play nice because I was not happy with the way things were going before thinner.

I believe I used two coats on this but I do not remember if it was two or three since I did the mani twice.

My index finger nail broke to epic nublet proportions when I smacked it on something. Not even the gel mani could keep that sucker together. I was going to crop it out of the pictures below but ended up keeping little nublet in the pictures. I apologize for it in advance.

I attempted to stamp a clear line across my nails so I had a line to follow when placing the glitter. I actually did stamp the line with one of the french tip on a stamping plate that I can not recall. I sort of followed the line but not completely. I basically took a nail art brush then went over the line, or the general area the line was in lol, with clear polish so my glitter had something to stick to.

Sticking each individual glitter on there wasn't too much of a problem but I am in no hurry to do a full nail lol. My lines still weren't as straight and uniform as I would have liked but they came out pretty decent.

I really really liked this mani. It was simple but still had that sparkle. I want this glitter in ALL COLORS now lol

That's all for now :)


  1. Your poor index nail! ): I hope it doesn't hurt too bad and grows back quickly <3 I really like how lots of bloggers are using these loose hex glitters lately!

    1. Thanks :) It hurt at first but it is good now. I hope it grows back fast too lol I need miracle grow for my nails lol

      I love the loose glitter manis too. I need MORE of the glitter and probably more patience so I can play with it more. lol


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