Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Layla Green Galaxy (CE 54)

Hey Everyone!! Running a little late tonight but I hope this mani makes up for it. 

Tonight I have one of the Layla polishes from their Christmas in Laylaland collection. It does not have a name on the bottle but after looking it up this color is called Green Galaxy (CE 54) It is one of Layla's Ceramic Effects polishes and it is GORGEOUS! I picked it up after Christmas when it was on clearance and I wish I had gotten the others now.

Green Galaxy (CE 54) is a gorgeous green jelly base with small glitter and larger hex glitter.

I used two coats but I could have used three. The pictures show some balding that I didn't notice until macro decided to show me loud and clear.

I still have some issues with applying jelly polishes. This was very easy to apply I just don't use a light enough hand.


I wish it was easier to find Layla polishes. I also wish they were a little bit easier on my wallet but this polish is so pretty I almost don't mind the cost. Almost.

I love the shade of this polish, it reminds me of jello. I am hungry right now lol.

I bought one other Layla called The Butterfly Effect (CE 52) which I can't wait to wear. It looks amazing in the bottle so I am betting it will look amazing on the nail. 

Sadly I had a really bad break, as you can see. The other day my ring finger nail broke on this same hand so now I have semi nubbins and a mutant nail on my left hand. I guess it is time to switch back to my right hand for photos. 

That's all for now :)

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