Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Christmas Story

Hey Everyone!! Today I am on the road so I am writing this last night. Well technically it is tonight I am writing this and tomorrow you will read it. I am slightly tired, don't mind me. I just finished my mani after spending quite a bit of time updated my swatch book and cataloging my nail art glitter. I am covered in glitter and so tired. I need to get my stuff packed up to entertain me in the car then hit the sack. 

Today I have for you my first Darling Diva Polish. I have my eye on several of them but I haven't been able to get them yet. This one came as a Christmas gift.

Darling Diva Polish A Christmas Story. 

OMG this polish sparkles. According to DDP it is a combination of Red and Holographic Green Microglitters. I think it is magic! SO sparkly.

I don't like to use my indie polishes too fast so I layered this one over OPI German-icure by OPI. MUST CONSERVE THE PRETTY!

This is a perfect Christmas polish and it is crazy awesome.

It makes me want to buy ALL the Darling Diva Polishes. Too bad my wallet won't let me lol.

I might have to wear this one again before the end of my holiday season.

A nice blurry shot to show off the amazing holo sparkles.

That's all for now :)


  1. This is beautiful Julie!!!! Perfect for Christmas and perfect for every day of the year :-D

    1. Thank you for saying that lol it will justify me wearing it whenever I want!!! lol

      It is pretty spectacular. I think I need more Darling Diva polishes now!!!

  2. I couldn't resist Julie!! I ordered it yesterday:-D I was so afraid it would possibly out of stock, but it wasn't and I ordered two more.

    1. YAY!!! It is awesome!!! Did you already have one? That is funny. I love it, so sparkly!!!

  3. I love this one too and don't intend to wait until December before I wear it again!

    1. Oh good! I won't be the only one wearing a Christmas polish not during the season! lol


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