Thursday, January 31, 2013

Squares in the Air

Hey Everyone! OMG what a long drawn out boring day. I keep thinking it is Friday but it isn't and then when I realize that I am disappointed. I am going to make this quick because I am leaving work shortly and I want to get it posted before then.

Today I have a mani using stamping and a square rhinestone. I bought the square rhinestones but had yet to figure out how to use them. I was flipping through my plates and when I saw this image I knew it would be perfect.

I used Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Air for the base coat. I wasn't at all impressed with this polish. It is pretty but it was streaky and even with 3 coats I still had patches and streakyness. Now, this could be because of my application rather than the polish itself but still it was not my friend. The mop of a brush also didn't wow me. It was a good thing I got it on clearance otherwise I would have been more disappointed.

I used Zoya Song for stamping. It stamped really well and OMG I love the color.

I used the little square/diamond image on Mash-35.

After fighting with Air I had no interest in attempting to stamp on all my nails so I just did accent nails. I also didn't want to use all of my rhinestones lol

I actually really liked how this mani came out despite not really enjoying the obvious flaws with Air.

I dinged my middle finger, as you can see, but didn't really want to fix it. I wasn't really feeling well the night I did this mani which didn't help matters.

At least I am finally starting to feel better. I placed the rhinestone in the middle of the stamping design and then topped it off with top coat.

I really liked this mani and was considering doing a different color on each nail. I will have to think of an event to have rainbow nails for.

Air is still somewhat sheer and streaky. There was a hint of visible nail line but only a tiny hint. The pictures brought it out more.

That's all for now :)


  1. Fun use of the rhinestone! As for the Smooth & Perfect, this time I agree with SH's decision to discontinue a line--the ones I've tried didn't wow me.

    1. Thanks! I am glad I am not the only one that has issues with Smooth & Perfect. I started to think it was me and not the polish for awhile so it is good to know it isn't me.


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