Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

Hey Everyone!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. We were pretty boring and low key. We watched the ball drop and drank Shirley Temples. It wasn't quite the same with out Dick Clark though. I think we were in bed by 12:40 so party animals we are not! Today is my last day of vacation so tomorrow I get to go back to the real world. I am not necessarily looking forward to it but it was a nice vacation. I have for you today the mani I wore New Years Eve then tomorrow I will go back to some Christmas manis lol. I am still enjoying my Christmas polishes and don't want to put them away yet.

I started by sponging a base of Essie Penny Talk. 

Then I added two coats of Finger Paints Santa's Magic.

OMG I took these pictures with the new camera!! They are awesome! Now, when I figure out how to use the camera they will be even better!

I then mattified the whole thing.

I used the Gals plate GA9 to stamp drink glasses and bubbles.

I put top coat over the bubbles because I wanted them to be sparkly. Unfortunately there is no sun today so I can't show you the sparkle.

I was rather rushed and it wasn't coming out as good as I had imagined. Not all the stamping came out perfect but it looked pretty good overall.

It was pretty festive at least.

The funny thing about this mani is that I don't drink yet I have drinks on my nails.

I haven't showed you furry pictures in awhile. I was testing out the new camera taking tons of pictures of the animals.

Broken puppy, aka Charlie, had just finished eating a bone. Neil was quite feisty and playing with him, or trying to.

Neil was trying to hit the hard stuff for the holidays. I don't think he needs to be any more hyper.

It was all too much excitement for Bruce. He was falling asleep under the tree.

That's all for now :)


  1. Happy new year!
    Man, the pictures with the new camera are great. You could also make them bigger in the post, so everyone can see how great they are. I love this mani so much! It really came out great!
    I love your pets! Every post should have pictures of you pets!

    1. Thank you!!!
      OMG they are aren't they? I finally have decent pictures!!! Now if I can figure out how to work the camera lol. Hmm, I will make them bigger from now on :)

      Thank you :)
      The fuzzies say thank you too!! I will try and take more pictures of them. They are such brats though. Bruce is insane and Neil shakes so much getting his picture isn't easy. Charlie also runs around like a fool because he is still kinda skiddish. Newey likes her picture taken but she is a huge bear and black and sometimes you can barely tell what she is lol

  2. Happy New Year <3

    Beutiful pictures.

  3. Still catching up from being gone over the holidays (not that I have any hope of actually ever really catching up)--I just want to come down and snuggle with all of your furries!

    1. Aww they would love to snuggle with you! Well, Bruce would only snuggle for a little bit but Neil, omg that cat will snuggle forever! Don't worry I am never going to catch up and I wasn't even gone anywhere lol


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