Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tales of Turquoise

Sleepy Sunday! I love Sundays, more so when it is football season, but it is the day for sleeping in! Today I got to sleep in and then go see the greyhounds at the greyhound rescue. They are so cute and I want to take all of them home with me but unfortunately I can't. The bf starts work there tomorrow and he went over today to meet everyone and get an overview of what he would be doing. I tagged along to see all the pretty dogs.

My mani today is from the Texas Collection OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise. I was not impressed enough with the Texas collection to run out and purchase any of them when they came out. I am guessing the Ultas in my area assumed they would be huge sellers because they had massive displays for the collection. My son picked out Austin-tatious Turquoise for me when I had the reward coupon from Ulta. It is a really pretty turquoise with blue shimmer and micro glitter.

I wanted to spice it up with some stamping. I used the bf as my and had him pick a number for the plate then pick a number and I used that design on the plate.

Austin-tatious Turquoise was a lot more sheer than I anticipated. It looks nice and dark in the bottle but is far from it. I used three coats and still see visible nail line. VNL doesn't bother me mostly so it isn't a factor for me but I would consider layering this over something else next time. I think that would deepen the color.

I used Jesse's Girl Blackout for the stamping. The left hand didn't come out as good as the right with the stamping but it was late and I was tired. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this image (it was the one that I was hoping he would not pick) but I thought it looked pretty good as tips.

I took these pictures in the car so that I would have some sunlight. The polish looks a lot brighter and lighter in the sun but then again I guess a lot of polishes do.

Stamping left handed made my image a little uneven and further down than I intended. I still like it though. It reminds me of those studded belts that I see the kids at my son's school wearing.

The formula was thin but I had no issues with Austin-tatious. I forgot to add in my post about Black out that the rectangle top is quite difficult to work with. I ran into more issues with it last night. I was trying to be quick with the black for stamping purposes and that top just gets in the way. Black out worked great for stamping though.

I finally got the shoes I need for the wedding today. The bride basically gave me no indication of what she wants us to wear so I picked up a bargain prices pair of strappy heels at Payless. I was excited because they were only 10 bucks (I probably won't wear them again). Now I need to decide on what my mani will be for the wedding day. The dress is black. I am open to suggestions :)

Now I better go supervise as the boys are arguing over making Shirley Temples (my son's favorite drink).

That's All for Now :)


  1. Love the tips! My Ulta has a lot of OPI Texas, too--big displays, small displays, minis. Maybe they got a quantity discount or something. :)

  2. Thanks Karen :) They must have because I had been to three different Ultas with multiple displays. Maybe they got Texas size discount for Texas size displays lol :)


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