Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Caitlin Opal

It is Thursday and I am totally not prepared to fly tomorrow! I have a lot to do including packing. Today I have a really pretty mani that I love! I hadn't tried to mattify flakies and thought it was the perfect time to try it.

I used Zoya Caitlin as the base and Color Club Covered in Diamonds (came with a set at Ross) and Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love.

This polish reminds me of the cellophane you can get for wrapping baskets.

Caitlin is more purple than blue in real life and on me but I couldn't get the color right.

I picked this up at Walmart on a whim one day. I like making things matte.

I took a couple pictures in the sun because it shines so pretty.

Caitlin applied like all Zoya polishes I have tried so far, really nicely. I used two coats. She is a really pretty purply gray toned creme. I love the color on it's own.

Covered in Diamonds was a pain to apply. The problem with this polish is that the chunks are thick and stick up. It was not easy to keep a few of them laying flat. I pushed them down, used a thick coat of Matte-ly in Love and still a few stuck up. I got less of the glitter flake chunks on my left hand and opted to just leave it alone rather than use another coat.

You can see the difference between the hands in these two pictures (top and bottom). I made it a point to get a lot more on my right hand than my left. I like it both ways but more pretty stuff is always better lol.

Matte-ly in Love was great. I don't have another to compare it to but it made the polish pretty matte and dried really quick. I used two coats on a couple of fingers to try and keep the glitter chunky flakie things down (didn't work well).

I love this combo. I think the mattified Covered in Diamonds gives it an Opal feel. I love Opals, they are my birthstone so I am really enjoying this look.

I had to post a lot of pictures of both hands because I loved it so much.

I will definitely have to remember to wear this again in October. Now I want to mattify everything sparkly!

That's all for now :)


  1. "More pretty stuff is always better"--I heartily agree!

  2. lol something we should all live by lol


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