Thursday, April 7, 2011

Morning Haulin

 I should NOT be allowed to go to my dusty beauty supply place unsupervised. It never ends well for my wallet! I actually was down the street trying to get the cleaner to hem my bridesmaid dress (with heels it is still about 3 inches too long) and stopped in to see if they were stocked yet. Oh My Gosh they were. The China Glaze rack was still pretty empty but the rest of the store was well stocked. I walked into work this morning with a dress that is still too long (hopefully I can figure something out) and a bag of new pretties.

China Glaze is really cheap there so I picked up Liquid Leather. I just can't pass it up for the price. Unfortunately none of the others jumped out at me. I was looking at Jordana polishes online yesterday and was intrigued by this Extra Garlic Basecoat for super growth (their words not mine). I also saw Mint Candy on a blog and have wanted it since.

I sorted through the Konad plates and I liked this one the first time I saw it but have a great idea to use it for tomorrow's mani (more about that below). They had the Orly Precious display and had one Ancient Jade left. I have been to every Sally's around to no avail and kicked myself for not getting this when I first saw it so I snatched it up real quick. She said they JUST got that display in this week. They apparently run a little behind which is good to know for future reference. I also picked up Sapphire Silk. Those two Orlys didn't WOW me when I first saw the display (I was also in a hurry) but seeing swatches online has made me want both. I have read raves about Healthy Hoof and my cuticles are not happy so I figured I would give that a go as well.

I am still working out the design but I was thinking maybe Ancient Jade as a base and the image on the left top in brown with white flowers and then replace a couple of flowers with fimo ones on an accent nail. I am not sure if that is described well but if it looks as good as it does in my head it will be perfect for the rehearsal mani. I can't wait to try it :)

I found this China Glaze at Publix last night. I am going to have a problem going in there for groceries and not checking out the nail polish every time. This is Cross Iron. I saw it the other day and really liked it but pounced on Meteor Shower instead. They also have Bad Kitty which I have wanted so that will be next time. :)

That's all for now :)

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