Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bloom Bloom Bloom-A-Loom

Happy Hump Day! Thank goodness it is almost over too! No one can accuse me of not working today lol. My boss left about 5 minutes after I got here this morning and since he wasn't here and the warehouse guy was out to lunch of course that would have to be the time a shipment came. I don't know how to drive the forklift. I am sure it isn't really hard but I haven't learned yet and after today I believe I will be! The truck driver was nice enough to help me start to unload 48 rolls of foam. These rolls are taller than me, yeah I know that isn't hard seeing as I am only about 5'3 and if I hugged them my hands wouldn't touch so they are pretty big rolls. Let's just say I got my workout for the day lol. It's like 90 degrees out there too! We got about half way done before the warehouse guy got back. MMMM HMMM someone owes me something good for that one! lol.

I am TIRED now! The kitty is doing well. He is so funny now that he is starting to play. I had him on my chest while I was sitting at my desk and he was reaching up and smacking me in the mouth with his little paws. So cute. For some strange reason he was fascinated with my stapler as well. He kept attacking it. Strange little kitty. Fingers are crossed that we have a home for him this weekend. He is a sweet baby but there is a dog in the kennel that desperately needs a home and no one is going to adopt a 10 year old dog. We will see how it goes. For now back to nails...

Bloom-A-Loom, bloom-a-loom, bloom-a-loomy-loom-loom. Why I am chanting that I have no idea. Today's mani (this was actually yesterday's mani that I didn't get to post yet) is Essence Blossoms etc Bloom-A-Loom otherwise known as the pretty lilac purple one.

Bloom-A-Loom is the middle one in the picture. I am surprised there isn't a pink involved in this collection though not disappointed lol. This is as close to pink as you are going to get. It is about as close to pink as I want to go too.

When I paint my nails with these polishes I think Easter eggs. I love it! I always loved Easter egg colors and dying them was one of my favorite traditions. We didn't do eggs this year :( apparently it is no longer cool. I have the dye though and I am seriously feeling the need to color some darn eggs. I have some dye I got on clearance after Easter last year and I might just have to dye some eggs! Of course it will probably be June by the time I get around to it.

These first two pictures were taken in the warehouse. The polish is actually a little brighter than it shows in these pictures. The bottle picture is very accurate and I think the last pictures are more accurate. It looks closer to these pictures in the shade or inside.

Car picture! I have been missing the car pictures.

These last two pictures were inside. They are pretty close to the color.

The polish was a little thicker than I like but not as bad as I Like. I might have to thin it eventually but duh that would make sense. I used two coats. If I was more careful I probably could have gotten away with one.

And today's kitty pictures. He says NO PICTURES PLEASE! lol he was actually scratching his dirty face. Little boy is a VERY messy eater.

I figured I would let him get some air when I had him at work today. I don't think he was really enjoying it. He much prefers sitting on my shoulder and cuddling up in my neck.

He looks funny in this picture! He has food all over his face and it was when I first brought him outside and he was not used to the light.

That's all for now :)


  1. Awww look at those crazy long whiskers! That is such a cute kitten with such huge pretty eyes!

  2. He has the biggest eyes I have seen on a kitten. He is so small but has these huge eyes and belly. Quite the cutie!


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