Monday, April 25, 2011

Some Spam to Hold You Over

Manic Monday is right! This morning we had to take the flat tire off the bf's car and bring it to the mechanic since it was too flat to drive. Did I mention it is like 80+ degrees out? Not fun. So we are on our way back from getting the tire patched and on a super busy street and this little rat looking thing is running in the street in front of the car. He slams on the brakes and I jump out of the car and grab it. It is a TINY little bitty cat. He was matted in all kinds of crap and smelled nauseatingly awful but so cute. We took him home because how could you leave something that small and helpless out there to fend for himself.

We gave the little guy a bath. Wet he looks even more like a drowned rat. lol. He was a good boy though.

Dried him off and got him nice and comfy in a little towel and made him a home in a big box.

Took him over to someone we know that worked for a vet and she said he has a couple of infections but seems really healthy otherwise. He is probably about a week old and will need to be fed but he looks good.

We have a vet apptointment for him today at 4:15. Unfortunately I have to stay at work :( but we will see what the doc says. He is a sweetheart though and will climb up and perch himself on my shoulder. We are calling him pig pen right now because he was so dirty when we found him. Once we get official word from the vet we need to find him a home. My dogs look at him like he is lunch lol.

In nail related news I saw this display at CVS last night. I like the colors but they look like colors I have so I didn't bite on anything. The yellow and orange looked like the new Finger Paints colors. I will have to check it out.

I am also obsessed with Yoda and LOVE Star Wars. Saw this clock at Target but didn't buy it :(  Perhaps for Mother's Day lol.

So I have a whole post thought out and pictures of my package from Holland and then noticed that in the frenzy with the kitty I forgot my card reader and can't get the pictures off the camera. DUH for me. SO I will have a post later today and it will have tons of pictures and explain my plan for swatching them. For now I hope this will hold you over and I will go back to working and watching kitty sleep.

That's all for now :)


  1. You are so kind for taking in that little guy. I hope he does well!

  2. Thanks :) Animals are my weakness, well so are babies and kids... I am happy to report that the little guy is really healthy and about 3 weeks old. I have to get the full report when the bf picks me up from work today but I will post it later I am sure lol. :)


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