Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I am going to zap you with my laser

I would LOVE to have a laser. It would be really cool. I would zap people all the time. Oh how that would come in handy when idiots are testing nail polish they have no intention of buying. I could lurk behind a display and point my little laser at them and zaap. Oh I can just imagine all the fun I would have with a laser. It would be a low dosage laser though, maybe just a little zap, nothing too harsh.

Today's mani, if you haven't guessed it already is China Glaze Laser Lime. Laser Lime was part of the much anticipated (and apparently much of a disappointment to many) Tronica collection. The only other holo I own is a KOH polish and holo glitter polishes so I honestly don't know the difference between say a Gosh and Tronica. In pictures I can see how someone expecting something really holo would be disappointed but I am quite happy with these polishes. The holo is very subtle but I am loving the lime green color.

I used Wet n Wild Shine Blue Moon for the stamping.

Ok, this picture I used solely to capture the color and shine in these polishes. Unfortunately Laser Lime didn't want to show his holo. Blue Moon however was all about showing the pretty shimmer.

I used one of the plates from my Shany set BM03.

The sun was being difficult this morning. It kept playing hide and seek with me. Once it would come out I would turn on the camera and before I could get the picture it would disappear again. This top picture is one I actually got in partial sun. Of course the holo is never visible because being cooperative would be too easy.

I want to say you can see a tiny bit of holo in this picture but I am not sure if that is just wishful thinking.

This picture was once again in partial sun. I figure even if I could get the sun to stay out long enough to take a picture it wouldn't show the holo anyway. At least thinking that makes me feel better about it.

These pictures are at my desk. I love the vibrant lime color. It is shimmery and fun to play with if nothing more. I keep holding my hand up and bending my finger slightly so the light catches in the polish. Yes, I am bored.

Blue Moon stamped well but was lighter than I thought it would be. I had another idea for a totally different mani but then asked the bf to pick a color and he picker Laser Lime. He only picked it because it had laser in the title. Boys!

That's all for now :)


  1. Very nice combination! I admit I pouted for a while that Tronica wasn't as holo as I'd hoped, but I did get over it and buy some. Haven't tried them yet, but I will.

  2. Thanks Karen :) I noticed a lot more holo on the way home when the sun was really out. I can understand the disappointment but they are still pretty little polishes. I found the best holo came out when I was taking the polish off and had wiped off the top coat and some of the polish, go figure.


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