Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Yellow Fellow is No Longer Mellow.

Thursday, it's Thursday, I like Thursdays! I am a pretty happy camper today since my boss approved my half day request for tomorrow. I still need to make the reservations for the hotel and stuff, pack, remember where the tickets are but other than that I am READY TO GO! DisneyWorld bound! We are going to Disney Saturday and I can not for the life of me figure out what to do with my nails. I bought tiny red rhinestones this morning thinking I could put three together to make them look like Mickey's head but they really just look like three rhinestones put together. That is a fail! I don't think I am good enough to draw Mickey either. I guess I will have to keep working on it.

Kitty is good! He is attacking everything on my desk at the moment. He is no longer mellow and is quite vocal and inquisitive now. The good thing is that if we have him out of the box and he wants food or the litter box he meows. The bad thing is when he doesn't want to be in the box he really meows! We had one girl turn him down but the bf's brother is asking another nurse today. Fingers crossed!

Little kitty BIG BEAR! Ok, its really my dog but she looks more like a bear! Look how tiny kitty is compared to her. The best part is when she moved he slid right off. I wanted to see what she would do so I left him alone and as soon as he started moving toward her the big chicken backed up real quick! It was quite funny. After a minute she was curious and started to try and figure out what the little thing was but it was pretty funny to watch this huge dog back off when the tiny kitty approached.

Today's mani is the yellow one from Essence Blossoms etc My Yellow Fellow. It is a bright cheery spring yellow with subtle shimmer. It is the second from the right.

I am all for not editing or adjusting the lighting of pictures (or doing so) in order to keep the color of the polish accurate but this picture is just odd. My hands look dead or dirty or something equally disturbing. I am not even sure why because none of the other pictures looked like that. Very strange indeed.

Much better! Normal looking hands. My Yellow Fellow is a pastel yellow but this baby is BRIGHT! My bf commented twice when he came to pick up kitty that the yellow was very bright. He then asked why. I said because they made it bright, duh! I am sure his question was directed more to why I would wear it because it was so bright. I am thinking it isn't his favorite of my nail polishes.

Now I must say that all the dings and cracks and smudges and everything else that you see wrong with the polish is not because of the polish. It started with painting my nails too close to work time and dinging them on kitty's box trying to get it out the door. THEN unloading the truck killed off the rest of it. My nails were completely dry by the time the truck came but dragging, lifting and moving huge foam rolls apparently isn't good for a manicure.

I used three coats for this mani. You will see some streaking and patchy spots especially on my right hand where I used thinner coats. As with most yellows and especially pastel yellows this one was streaky and difficult. I had much better coverage with my thicker coats on my left hand but even that hand has it's spots. I will say that I was in a rush so I didn't take my time and really try to avoid the streaks and stuff.

Like the other polishes from this collection the subtle shimmer is really pretty when it shows itself. The formula was great and not thick like the other two. I would like to try this polish again before I deem it a pain in the rear streaky uneven mess. I am thinking if I am more careful it will work with me better. I hope. It is a pretty color and I like it! It reminds me of spring chickies.


  1. Such a tiny kitty!

    I find that sometimes adjusting is the only way to get the polish color near accurate--sure, my skin might look like an alien then but at least the polish looks good. :)

    I'm waiting on some of these Essence ones in a swap and the mail (or maybe customs) is taking its sweet time.

  2. He is super tiny, I weighed him on our scale here and he was only 7 ounces. Such a little guy.

    Ahh yes alien skin. I hear ya! I need to take some photography or maybe photoshopping classes. lol I usually either have ghost hands or some kind of weird color hands.

    Oh I HATE how long it takes for swaps from overseas. I am impatient and it drives me nuts. I hope your package gets to you soon! Can't wait to see the swatches :)


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