Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Blackout

Happy Saturday!! I love Saturdays because there is no work! Woo hoo. This Saturday is even cooler because I have hit 10 followers! Super cool. Welcome to all, I am very excited to have you here :) I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy doing it.

Today I dragged the boys out and about to various stores looking for nail polish, shoes for the wedding (I didn't take into account when I said I would be a bridesmaid that I would need to wear nice shoes), clothes for the bf who got a job and starts Monday (YAY!!!) and nail polish. I found one store that sold OPI below retail which is cool but their selection was smaller than mine. I found another store that had an ENTIRE DISPLAY of Zoya! This display was taller than me and totally awesome! They had everything and I got to see Indigo in real life which is a new lemming. Unfortunately I did not buy it, I have no idea what I was thinking. The whole reason I brought this up is because I found a store that I have not been to in years (I totally forgot about it) that had not one, not two but FIVE whole displays of the Katy Perry collection. They were all full too! I am sure there were a few bottles missing but they were jam packed. WHERE was this place when I was looking for Teenage Dream? I already made sure they would have the Pirates collection and she said they would probably out at the end of the month. I am very excited about that! I didn't get much in my shopping adventures. Dollar Tree, Sallys, Ross and even Ulta were huge let downs. I picked up a couple Essence polishes at Ulta and a clearance Zoya and OPI but that is all.

Ok, on to the mani. Today I am wearing Jesse's Girl Black Out and the red glitter from a Color Club set I found at Ross that was mislabeled. picked Black Out and I made my son pick a glitter so I could try a gradient mani.

Black Out had a great formula. I wasn't looking forward to using it after having such a problem with Crush but this one was great. I used two coats to even everything out. I probably could have gotten away with one thick coat if I had tried but I had a few thin spots. One coat had great coverage though.

I have never used a sponge for my gradients before. I would usually just paint coats of glitter on my nail and by the time I was done the tips would always be so thick from 5 coats of glitter. When I sponged Phoebe on the other day I realized that using a sponge is so much easier. DUH! I used an eyeshadow sponge and absolutely love how easy it is. Due to its shape I had great control and little mess. I am going to have to get some more from the dollar store or something. I wonder if I could "wash" them with acetone and use them again.

I took all these pictures outside but the sun is already going down so it wasn't very bright out.

I love gradient manis!

I had to add this picture because I was shaking my head when I noticed this. The city just recently gave us new recycle bins for our recyclables and as I was taking the bottle shots I noticed this part of the bin. I am baffled as to who or why one would put hot ashes in a recycle bin. Was this such a huge problem that they felt the need to put this warning on the bin?

That's all for now :)

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