Monday, April 18, 2011

Check out this Byte

As much as I didn't like yesterday's mani today's mani I LOVE! When the bf brought me Sally Hansen 3D in Byte I was very iffy on it. I don't do pink. It is pretty and leans somewhat purple but it was so close to pink that I was eh about it. I decided I had to try layering it over black. The only black I have from Sally Hansen is Diamond Strength Black Diamond so I had to go with that in order to stick to Sally Hansen week.

This time I did both hands the same lol. I used two coats of Black Diamond. Once again the first coat comes out really streaky and thin. I am lazy and didn't want to do three coats so I just used a pretty thick second coat. Then I topped it with one coat of Byte.

This combination is gorgeous! It looks different in every light. Unfortunately I couldn't quite capture it's awesomeness with the camera. It shows pink, purple and blue. I looove it!

The first three pictures were in direct sunlight. It is really much brighter in person and very vibrant.

Inside it plays with the light. I took a ton of pictures trying to capture everything.

I couldn't get the pink to flash at all on camera though.

It keeps catching my attention when I am typing or doing anything with my hands.

I think the sparkle in Black Diamond added to the depth of it. I wonder if it would have the same amount of depth over a regular creme.

You can see a little of the pink in the last picture but not much of it. It is a lot more playful in person than in the pictures. I almost want to leave this on for another day but then I remember I have some more HD polishes waiting for me at home.

That's all for now :)


  1. I really like the color that turned!

  2. I did too I didn't know what to expect but it turned a really pretty color! Thanks for checking out the blog :)


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